Friday, November 1, 2013

Bucket List Alert- My first design board

I get pretty giddy and overflowing with ideas when I start a new project.
I'm also a very visual person. I gotta see it and plan it in my head to believe it's possible.
And yet- I've never in all my decorating and creating really put  together a design board.
Which may be why on some projects- I'm all over the place. Hmm...

Well, I can cross another item off my bucket list.
I created a design board for the master bedroom project.
I used Picassa's collage tool to make it. Got the idea right here.

Its nothing fancy.
and to the point.

I like it.

It all started with me trying to visualize how our bed has to be situated in this room. For traffic flow and fit purposes our headboard will have to be right up against a window and I needed some ideas on how to make that work for me. The photo on my board in the upper left corner was my jumping off point- my major inspiration. I love that photo. LOVE!

Here it is from my pin board:

I added the photo of the other bed over it on my design board because that's our bedding.
I was really wondering if that amazing orange floral print would work for curtains too.... as I really loved the look of it.
So I went and ordered a yard of it and pinned it to my curtains by my bed and looked at it hanging there all crooked like for a week. I told you I'm a visual person!
Result- it works. The pattern is big and bold enough to carry itself nicely. Even the Mister likes it. Plus I polled my sister and another friend with a great eye for good fabric and color combos. So I'm going with it.

I'm envisioning some funky letters spelling Q U I E T propped up somewhere in the room or hanging on the wall.... I wanted to put them over the window above the bed but there won't be enough room. For right now, I'm on the look out for those letters in different shapes and sizes. It'll probably take awhile but it will be worth it.

Are you starting any new projects right now? What are they?


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