Friday, November 1, 2013

A glimpse at our Trunk-r-Treat fun and costumes!

Okay- so this is my 3rd post of the day.... wowzers!
I just can't help myself- I want to share the kiddos costumes from Halloween!
Well, at least two of the kiddos costumes... I missed out on getting a photo of Sassafras! Eek!

Sass manned our trunk for Trunk-r-Treat and decked herself out in camo- here's the only picture I have of her:

Sass is talking with her friend who is decked out as Waldo from Where's Waldo. [His whole family were Waldo characters- it was way cool!

Here's The Boy as Sherlock Holmes:

We're all about having fun and keeping it simple with the costumes in our family. For Sherlock The Boy wore a dress shirt and brown cords topped with his winter coat (as it has a nice Sherlockian print in our opinion). The accessories are what make the outfit- a deerstalker hat my Mama found at Goodwill, my mama's useful and large magnifying glass (also from GW) and an old pipe borrowed from friends (and cleaned out I might add).
Looking back- I wish I'd given The Boy some bubble solution to put in that pipe and blow!
This costume cost under $8.

And then there's Ms. Books- she and her bestie like to plan their costumes together. I gotta say- I think this year is my hands-down absolute favorite: Lucy  and Ethel.

Ms. Books borrowed Sass's Easter dress as it was the above and beyond perfect Lucy dress for the occassion. "Ethel" loves to do hair and researched the "Lucy" hairdo and practiced in advance on Ms. Books to get the perfect look. Add some pearls and bright red lipstick and it's "Looo-ceeee, you got some 'splainin' to do!"
Ethel's dress is a frugal GW find that she's had for awhile topped with a cardi. Both girls rummaged in their mamas' shoe stash for just the right pair of retro heels.
The cost of these costumes was in the lipstick and amount of hairspray used!

And because our friends were just dressed so awesome- I've got to share:
Here's the Waldo Characters straight out of the book series:

We have Waldo (complete with cane) and his sister Wenda, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard (complete with awesome staff), two Waldo Watchers and Woof.

There trunk for Trunk-r-Treat displayed the books and some paraphernalia from the books- like the backpack, a camera, a frying pan and other stuff you always have to look for. They included a poster that showed the characters so that you could look for them. The best part was the family didn't need to stay next to their trunk- they would wander around and people could play "Where's Waldo?" for reals! Such fun!


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