Monday, November 25, 2013

A bit of chit-chatty catch up on many misc. things

Once again living life has gotten in the way of me posting regular like.
So very much wonderfulness (and some notsoverymuchso) going on 'round here....

My Sister is now officially overdue to bring her Baby Boy into the world....
we're pretty much all on pins-and-needles jumping to conclusions every time she calls. The other day I asked her to say "Hello, I'm not in labor" the next time she called so I would know right away....

Because of this impatient waiting for Baby Boy's arrival, we're keeping all our plans tentative. Even the when and where for Family Thanksgiving! I'm the first to admit that I don't deal real well with tentative and "wait and see" activities. I groove on concrete plans. So I'm really working to go with the flow of every thing right now and the Mister says I'm "not doing too shabby." 

My Ms. Books has a holiday job that is helping her earn the last little bit she needs to pay for her mission trip to Guatemala later this winter. Oh, the character building going on! The girl is learning the seriously helpful skills of personal planning, time management and organization. Good stuff!

We were only able to do a little bit of work at the farm this weekend as a lot of extra time was spent in clean up from last Sunday's storms (here's where we were with our last farm project post). I was able to prime 2/3 of the woodwork and trim in the hallway and scrape about half the older than me wallpaper off the walls. Ms. Books is still working on the second coat of trim in the girls room.
She was able to put up her new-to-her bed in their room which thrilled her to no end. The bed use to be mine as a teen and is a three-quarters bed (slightly smaller than a full size bed). The bed is light green right now and clashes a wee bit with the walls. We had plans to spray paint it bright white but the weather turned on us and we shelved that project until the spring.

The Boy is seriously eager for us to get started on his room.... and this is the room that is going to need the most work. The entire ceiling needs to be replaced and walls have old paneling that is glued and nailed to the old plaster. We've pulled away a couple of the pieces of paneling and the plaster is crumbling underneath. We'd really love to take it down to the lathe and drywall the room but we've got a two fold problem: money and time- two things in short supply. So the Phase 1 plan is paintable wallboards (I love the bead board we used in the kitchen) until such a time that we can properly redo the room. 
Because time and money are often obstacles for us and we want to enjoy updating without breaking the bank, we subscribe to Phases Remodeling Plan just like Young House Love (who just so happen to have a great little post about "phase 1 projects").

In fact, the hallway work I'm doing right now is a Phase 1 Project. We  plan to eventually tear down the plaster on the large stairway wall and put up a plank wall (like this) instead but that's not possible right now.... and since I'm not really willing to live with walls that are part 1940's wallpaper and part horribly pink paint on top of 1940's wallpaper and part cracked plaster.... we've created Hallway Phase One, which is patch the cracks, take off all the wallpaper we can reach and cover it all with paint (Benjamin Moore's Moonshine). It's not a perfect or permanent fix but it'll make me much happier to see than what I'm looking at right now and all for the price of a can of paint or two. To me that's a good thing.

A bit of background- The Mister and I spent many years living in our now lovely home staring at all it's imperfections and oddities and not doing a thing about them because we didn't have the money to do it perfectly.and completely. Looking back, we really wish we'd broken things down into phase one/phase two (and even phase 3) projects and just went ahead and started them. So, since we're starting with a fresh slate at the farm, that's exactly what we're doing!
And a few bonuses we've found in the midst of this: the Mister and I have found that we absolutely love doing home improvement projects together! Some of our best at home dates have been DIY projects! Bonus 2: We're teaching the kiddos about frugal home improvement and repair. Bonus 3: Our kiddos love doing remodeling projects, especially Ms. Books (who is often Mr. Steady's right hand in our home DIY projects that require more than just painting).
Bottom line- phase type remodeling projects work real well for us for many reasons.

Just a bit more news- we had a promising house showing last week.... we just keep making this whole thing a matter of prayer and God continues to work on my attitude about it all. Right now I'm making plans for how we'll decorate for Christmas when most of our Christmas decorations are already packed up and at the farm. I actually think it will be fun!

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