Friday, October 4, 2013

Twelve Great Links for studying the Civil War Ironclad The USS Monitor

The Boy is a Civil War buff like his Daddy.
He's also very much interested in the Ironclads of the Civil War right now.
In fact, this interest has led my reluctant reader to be quite a bit less reluctant....


It started out with me purchasing this book for him to read- The Civil War Battleship: The Monitor:

This led the boy to create his own version of the USS Monitor in Legos

This stirred his curiosity immensely and opened things up so that we were searching for something new on the Monitor every day-
Here's a smattering of his (and my) favorite links

Next >>> you simply must check out this awesome site-The USS Monitor Center at the Mariners Museum. There is just a plethora of information here, plus great photos and webcams! Make sure you go to the USS Monitor Center Blog where they report all the latest happenings with the ship.

Great YouTube video from the 1991 movie Ironclads.

This blog post concerning the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads has a great drawing of the Monitor:

Here's another look at that cut-away drawing- it's interactive, just click on a label to learn more. Very cool.

This site includes many photos and drawings of the Monitor.

Check out this link to National Geographic's article concerning the remains of two sailors from the Monitor- their remains are unidentified, yet were buried with honors at Arlington this past March.

This link also includes information about the burial of these two men (more info than the National Geographic site), plus a photo slide show and two short videos.

This Youtube Video was created by NOAA and is of the burial of the sailors at Arlington. The burial is in honor of all 16 men who perished.

I am adding this link and the following one because they are both very good.
However-- Until the Government shutdown is over.... the links don't work.

And this one marking the 150th Anniversary:

We've just wrapped up our study on the Monitor and now The Boy's got his nose in this book- Civil War Sub: The Mystery of the Hunley:

Who knows where this will lead?! I'm just giddy the boy is reading.... and researching!


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