Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To God be the Glory! {in}Mercy Phase 2 is almost complete!

Oh wow, Wow, WOW!
We are less than $600 away from fully funding Phase 2:Learn Mercy of the {in}Mercy project.

Oh yes! In just one day's time we've almost raised the entire amount needed to build a permanent classroom and add an outdoor awning [for outdoor classroom space].

Bless your amazingly generous hearts!

We are all a part of making this happen for Mercy House and I'm positively giddy with the thoughts swirling in my head and heart of how He's going to use all these wonderful resources for Mercy House and for His great, great good!

Please if you haven't had a chance to throw a buck or two or twenty at this amazing, incredible project.... would you go here and make a donation?
Thank you bunches.

And bunches.


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