Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Craft Project: Fun Fall Wreath for the Front Door

 Last fall yarn wreaths were starting to become pretty popular on Pinterest. At first they didn't draw me in too much but then all of a sudden- I just had to make one.
And so I did.
I used a creamy handspun yarn that I had on hand-- a freebie from a box of "get rid of this pronto" stuff from the craft cupboards at church. At the time I grabbed it, I didn't know what I was going to do with it.... but after seeing all those yarn wreaths, that bag of yarn had gained a purpose.

This post written in the spring has my Valentine & spring/summer wreath photos as well as info on how to make this bit of loveliness. 
And this right here is the Pinterest board I started because of it.
[insert heartfelt sigh here]

And Now....
Allow me to introduce you to my Fall 2013 Yarn Wreath....

She's a beaut!
And I put it together in less than 10 minutes... in fact, it took me longer to find the ribbon then it did to put it together.

The ribbon is held on with straight pins, just a slight overlap of each ribbon pinned with one straight pin and done!

I save all the little felt flowers and wreath bits & bobs I've created over the last year in a labeled baggie. I pulled out the colors I wanted from the baggie, snipped 3.5 inches of 3 different ribbons and pinned it all onto the wreath. Voila!
Talk about an easy peasy craft project!

Here's the wreath in all its glory on my recently redone front porch.
I know.... I still need to write a final post about the porch....
[here's a link to all the porch project posts so far]

You can see a bit of the bookcase from the bookcase make over project here and a few bits of autumn flavor that I've plunked down here and there.... it's a work in progress still.

Sigh. I just love decorating for fall.

This is last year's fall wreath-- it also has the grand distinction of being my first yarn wreath project. The LIVE THANKS banner is made from paint chips and bakers twine (letters handwritten with a sharpie).


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