Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 out of 5, a house sale and Giving Him my planner- Its a good day

And it's Wednesday already....
Half a week gone by, whew.

There's been a bunch of cray-cray going on 'round here.

It seems that over the weekend, 3 out of 5 Wagners contracted poison ivy (this mama being one of the blessed 2).

Which didn't show up until the Boy's ear swelled big on Monday.
Tuesday was a day filled with doctor visits and waiting and waiting and waiting at the drug store for prescriptions. And trying to still squeeze school into the crevices.
And my girls took on a side job this week to earn a bit of spending money... which is very good but has added some hectic to the days as we plan school and car usage and other life events.
Things never really seem to slow down around here.

In fact, the only thing going slow is the sale of the house.
For sale for a month and not even a nibble....
If I didn't keep daily laying all of this at the feet of Jesus, I think I would have run away by now.
He is keeping things together around here for us and I am ever so grateful.

He has helped us carve out pockets of family time in a whirlwind of life that would otherwise be void of it.... and all because we asked Him to help us make it so.

I love that about Him.

Every single time I want to borrow worry about this house I go to Him. Some days it is easier than others. Like the day you're doing 5 loads of laundry because of poison ivy- that is a day you are glad you're not showing your house or prepping to show your house.

I am determined to stay in God's will for these present circumstances. By nature, I'm a fixer and a doer and am always trying to run ahead of God.
Hows that workin' for ya, you ask?
To be honest, It never has worked well.... this girl is tired of hitting her head against the wall and is instead pulling up chair and taking a seat at the wall.

I can work with this.
I asked God this summer, to challenge, stretch and grow me.
He took me up on the offer.
And so I am determined to be a Mary and sit at His feet and learn in the midst of all this.
I gotta say- my whole entire little family has been pretty amazed at my attitude towards this big thing.
And that's good too.

God is shaking up my routine and I'm learning a bit better each time how to adapt.

I find it easiest to just tell God every morning, "Lord, today is your day. Do with my schedule what you will. Prioritize my planner and keep me from being anxious about it when your plan and mine don't meet. Show me grace and help me to extend that grace to others. Lord, I want my plan to mirror yours and when it doesn't.... well, Lord grab me by the pony  tail and give it a yank in your direction. Amen."


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