Monday, September 23, 2013

The Wags go to Washington (there and back again)

We are home.
From the most amazing family trip EVER.
This trip was amazing.
DC is amazing.
The weather was amazing (high 60s low 70s).
The 3rd week of September must be THEE week to go to DC. The crowds were thin, we barely, hardly ever waited in line for anything and we saw so much.
We figure we walked 60+ miles in six days.
We ate amazing food (mostly thanks to my incredible cousin- who we stayed with while visiting DC).
We saw amazing sights--- not just the monuments and museums..... the guy pogo sticking down the sidewalk on the mall was very entertaining....
AND we got to spend an entire week with far away cousins that we usually only see once a year at the family reunion.....
We are blessed.

We're not your average souvenir buyers- we look for the unique and we like to keep it frugal- for instance- even though we loved the Abe Lincoln top hat T-shirt at the American History Gift Shop- we just couldn't see spending $30 on it.

Here's a breakdown of the treasures we brought home: 
1. Flattened pennies from just about every Smithsonian Museum
2. $2 bills from Monticello (yes, the gift shop gives change in $2 bills- every day and yes, we'll keep them, forever)
3. Seeds from Monticello (some flower seeds & an heirloom pumpkin)
4. Lots of postcards (especially for places we weren't allowed to photograph)
5. 1,239 photographs of everything else
6. Ticket stubs from Monticello
7. Pamphlets and maps from every monument and Smithsonian Museum
8. Two blister band-aids are left in the box of 8 we purchased from sketchy DC CVS
9. Union canteen & belt buckle from Manassas (The Boy)
10. Monticello Snowglobe (Sassafras)
11. Approximately 50 photo copies of documents from National Archives on our ancestor who fought in Civil War (Ms. Books- our resident genealogist)
12. Reproduction of Wanted poster from Lincoln Assassination (Ms. Books)
13. 3 acorns from Monticello mysteriously appeared in the Boy's pocket....
14. Over 1/2 dozen pencils from various museums
15. Rubbing of a friend's name from Vietnam Memorial for PawPaw
16. Three bags of goodness from Trader Joe's
17. Pasta sauce & Tomato Basil Fettuccine noodles from Monticello (for us to have our own Monticello dinner here at home sometime soon)
18. 3 empty Monticello Root Beer bottles (that was some seriously good sarsaparilla-y root beer)
19. A nice bag of cool gadgety goodness from Fort McHenry (such as 2 imp nets, waterproof pad of paper & pen, ARMY PT shirt, green notebook..... flashlight with lots of doo-dads for the boy.....)
20. Blueberry Cobbler coffee from sketchy Wal-mart in mountains of Virginia (the coffee is divine!)

>>> I could go on and on about this trip. There wasn't a dull moment ever. It was constant amazingness.... We didn't see everything we wanted to see, but we saw TONS.... and knocked a couple of things off our life bucket lists. Our thinking is this- we saved a few things for the next trip back. Oh yes, we're already planning another trip to the DC area.
The girls and I are making homemade smash books of our trip (go here for smash book inspiration) and we continue to download and edit all those pictures we took.

Oh- and we started back in to regular, every day, ordinary schooling today.

Like I said- never a dull moment.


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