Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In which I finally post a weekly menu for the month.... at the end of the month

It's been weeks and weeks since I shared a weekly menu plan. Forgive me, please. I almost didn't post this either as it's already the middle of the week (Hump Day!) but I figured- why not? Plus I'll have posted 3 days in a row! [Holla!]
The weeks leading up to our vacation were chock full of planning and prep and school and turning our house upside down and inside out in order to put it up for sale.
To say my time was not my own is a bit of an understatement.
The house showed once while we were gone. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks that the house has been for sale. We have had no other showings. Every time those thoughts want to tug at my mind and bring me low I put it to prayer. Selling this house is a bigger deal to me than I can put into words here. It is a test of my faith. I know that and accept it. I actively work to continually place this matter in His more than capable hands. Over and over and over.
Side bar finished- now onto the "real post":

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for September 23rd  thru 29th   

 Notes: We’re working to get back into the swing of things around here after coming home from an amazing 8 day family vacation this past weekend….
From the Garden: grape tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, lots and lots of gorgeous colored, yummy tomatoes, a few cucumbers (we may have another week or 2 of harvest left)
And we’re getting 7-8 eggs a day from our lovely ladies.
Food wasted last week: 1.5 cups of green beans and a small portion of Mexican lasagna that got left in the fridge while we were gone on vacation

Breakfast: Blueberry oatmeal made from steel cut oats, toast
Lunch: Diner dinner
Dinner: Chicken-n-noodles, homegrown tomatoes, homemade pickles, sliced cheddar
Breakfast: pumpkin English muffins topped with pumpkin cream cheese (‘Tis the season!)
Lunch: Diner dinner
Dinner: Appetizer dinner with friends- my contribution 3 yummy cheeses, 2 kinds of crackers, crockpot hot caramel apple cider
Breakfast: pumpkin squares
Lunch:  Diner dinner
Dinner: Corn chowder, homemade biscuits
Breakfast: Yogurt and fruit parfaits topped with pumpkin granola, toast and jam
Lunch: Diner dinner
Dinner: Breakfast for dinner! Biscuits & Gravy, fresh fruit
Breakfast: Choice: cold cereal with milk or English muffins with jam/cream cheese, sliced apples
Dinner:  Monticello Dinner- pasta & pasta sauce straight from Monticello gift shop with some of our fresh tomatoes and homemade pickles
Breakfast: Daddy cooks (eggs, bacon, toast etc)
Lunch: ham sandwiches, chips
Dinner: Leftover Smorgasbord
Breakfast: Coco Wheats with dried cranberries, toast
Lunch:  up in the air due to some scheduling snafus (could be soup & sandwiches)
Dinner: Sunday Snupper (snacks for supper) leftovers or nachos or cereal if its late…

Snacks for the Week:
The snack staples: Oreos and popcorn
Other snacks- salsa & chips, cheese & crackers
Fruit for noshing this week: apples (alone or with peanut butter or baked)
Desserts we’re hoping I make this week:
Pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting


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