Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Readers...

I know it has been abnormally quiet 'round these parts.
Sorry for that.
Living this good life to the fullest has taken time away from blogging lately.
Because, dear readers.... we just did this:

That's right. You do see a FOR SALE sign in front of my lovely farmhouse.
Yes, we're moving.
Soonish, we hope.
But even before that.... we're also doing this....
F a m i l y  R o a d  T r i p
and we're going here>>>> right here.
and here.
and here.

It's gonna be spectacularly grand.
We're all over-the-moon excited.... each of us has a list of all the places we want to see, things we want to experience....
We need to get away-- to take this mama's mind off the fact that our lovely, turn of the century farmhouse in the city that we've lived in for almost 20 years won't be ours for very much longer. The only home we've ever owned, ours right from the start of our marriage. The home where I've rocked my babies and watched them grow and grow and grow.

And where are we moving to? Not far.
Not far at all.

I'm coming full circle.

We're buying the family homestead from my parents.

There is lots more painting, decorating,  home remodeling and repairing in our very near future and we're pretty excited about it.
And terrified.
Or maybe that's just me.

No matter what, we're off on another crazy good adventure.....


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