Friday, August 23, 2013

Pinteresting Improvement- new recipe tweaked

This week's new recipe was tweaked from this one on Pinterest:

The recipe is from Aldi.... which just so happens to be my very favoritest grocery store.
How I tweaked it:
1 1/2 cups of pancake mix
1 Tbsp flax seed
and two more eggs

I tweaked the pancake mix on accident- read the recipe wrong- it turned out fine.
I added the flax seed because I put flax seed in all our baked goods now. The health benefits of flax seed are innumerable (lots of omega-3s! and 6s and 9s....). We started using it because of Sassafras's eczema. Great stuff.
And the eggs.... well, when I cracked the first egg on top of the partially baked pancake (per the instructions) is oozed right off the half-baked  top and puddled in the corner of the pan. The next egg I made sure to crack right over the middle....and there it stayed. Unmoving. These eggs were suppose to go in nice little neat two by two formation.... they did not.
By this time I figured the eggs needed little wells to plop in and stay in.... so I took a butter knife and gently pressed down and made indents in the half-baked batter. This was slightly messy but it worked.
The recipe calls for baking the pancake for 10 minutes and then another 10 after adding the eggs on top or until the pancake mixture and eggs are set. We found we had to bake it for an additional two minutes to set the eggs.

So.... note to self, make indents in the batter for the eggs. I will still use 6 eggs on top next time though and make three rows of two because we really liked the eggs on top and everyone wanted an egg on their piece. [Not to mention we've got chickens now, which means I look for creative ways to add in more eggs....]
I fed the kids and I nice big helpings of this for breakfast and still had enough left over for Sass to have a nice sized portion for breakfast this morning. Had Mr. Steady been here to partake there would have been plenty to go 'round for a crew of five hungry eaters.

Oh and one more thing.... I didn't measure the cheese I just grated it fresh right on top of the pancakes until it looked right to me. I hardly ever measure cheese....

As for our final thoughts- this recipe, with tweaks, garnered 4.5 Wagner Stars.... The Boy half liked it half didn't.... he tends to like his eggs "on the side" thankyouverymuch.


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