Thursday, August 15, 2013

My mama heart, rebirthdays and mission trips

This is my oldest.
My first daughter.
And she rocks my mama heart to its very core.
Today we celebrate her 9th Rebirthday.

Nine years ago today.... a little seven year old red-head listened to her VBS teacher talk about Jesus and what it means to be saved and that little red-head stopped it all right  then and there and said, "I want that." And that girl- she got it. Got her name written in the Book of Life.
And her life hasn't ever been the same.

She's 16 now and back in April she added her sanctification to her life story.
There are times I'm pretty sure my faith walk grows more because of my children than anything else I do. 
I was once told, "You can only lead your children as far in their faith walk as you yourself have gone."
That's some motivation to keep going, right there.

This year we deviated from getting her a [devotional] book as she's got a nice little stack of such good books that she's bought for herself. [This one right here is the one we'll be using for a character study this fall semester]. So we treated the girl to some music she's been wearing out on Pandora. And added a bit of the green to her mission trip jar.

Yeah,  this girl of mine, she's going to Guatemala with a group of amazing people from our church in a few months.... her servant's heart is just about exploding with giddy glee and she's already praying ahead for God to grow and stretch her.
And that right there stretches me.

She's not the only one excited about this good music.
Daughter of mine- You're amazing.
Just the way you are.


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