Friday, August 16, 2013

Interesting Homeschooling Statistics and a few of my own thoughts

I found this very interesting and thought I'd pass it on....
I know not everyone who reads this blog homeschools but since I do and it was relevant to my day....

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

Here's a couple of thoughts from me....

We homeschool in Michigan and while it's not one of the states that gives a tax credit to homeschoolers (wouldn't that be awesome) it isn't unfriendly. A few of our local schools encourage homeschoolers to join extracurricular activities (some sports) or even come and take an elective (like band, choir, art) at school. I have many friends who are public school teachers and I am glad to say that they don't resent or feel personally threatened by our decision to homeschool. My sister-in-law is a public school teacher and has been a great sounding board and has steered me towards some wonderful resources.

I found the cost analysis per child at the bottom to be spot on for us. We pad our cost here at home by factoring in part of the cost of our family vacations (because we always learn something!) and birthday field trips so its a bit more than that here. I'm also blessed to be in that stage where I can reuse curriculum and don't have to buy everything new every year. This year I purchased all of Ms. Books curriculum and just a few pieces parts for the other two (I also saved some $$$ by purchasing as many books as I could for Ms. Books from Alibris). This savings enabled us to upgrade our printer and purchase a laptop this year from our homeschool budget. Yay!

>>>> I've been asked more times than I can count why we homeschool.... the best answer is "because God has called us to," which unbelievably enough, causes a lot of raised eyebrows from people. I cannot say that homeschooling is for every family. I don't  believe that God calls every family to homeschool. For us, homeschooling saved our family. Seriously. It did. 
I don't say that lightly. While, I don't have it in me to share the whole story right here, right now, I will say this- I truly believe that Ms. Books wouldn't be the amazing young woman she is today if we hadn't begun this crazy adventure. 
Homeschooling allowed us to immediately address some seriously negative character traits and steer her energy in more positive directions. Homeschooling has also allowed our shy, yet too antsy to sit still for long, middle child, Sassafras, to bloom and grow in positive ways at her own pace. And as for The Boy, he's always been homeschooled and that suits him just fine.
As for me, I admit it would be grand some days to not be in charge of all this and wouldn't it be great to read a book of my own instead of theirs and oh, it would be just lovely to have a craft room instead of a homeschool room.... but that all pales in comparison to the gifts I'm daily given in being obedient to God's call, in being mama and teacher to these three crazy hooligans.

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