Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School: The FIRST Week in review

And so we close out on this, the first week of school...
It went well.
Real well.

We always start school on a Tuesday because we do a big back-to-school bash the night before. This year's Alphabet Dinner we made a foil packet meal.... what easier way to get through the whole alphabet than with all those veggies that can top a delicious beef patty, right?!
The tablescape came together easily after I painted a small globe (this globe here- first I spray painted the stand, then I painted the globe with 2 coats of black chalkboard paint).
And books.... the tablescape always has books on it.
A few apples from our very own Granny Smith apple tree, a bouquet of flowers from my garden in a blue mason jar and bouquet of yellow no. 2 pencils in another. Tuck in a couple of pretty rocks we've collected and spread it all out on the table runner Ms. Books made for me last year and call it good!

Our annual Back-to-school Bash always includes 3 things:
Alphabet Dinner
Daddy Blessings
School Cones
[click the links for more info]

I always make a menu sheet for this special nite.... this year I used PicMonkey's new cool School theme stuff and created this-

This year's school cones included some of the same things we give every year and a few new things>>> like a flash drive, SD card for the girl taking a photography class this year, a calculator, fun Lego mini figs for the boy (Sherlock Holmes! Oh, how he loved it!), silly shaped post-it notes (mustaches!), notebooks with fun graphics & scripture on them (who knew Wal-mart carried such coolness?)....

The night was grand.
The next morning, I whipped together a special First Day of School Breakfast- Mini German Pancakes with cherry filling & powdered sugar and bacon egg cups.
All of which was set out pretty on the table still set up from the night before, with the addition of a special note card at each place with words of encouragement and blessings from Daddy & Mama.

Our first day of school finished off with a trip to our favorite local drive-in for burgers, cheesy fries and the best ever homemade root beer. On the drive, Ms. Books read The Boy's read aloud, a true family favorite, The Great Turkey Walk. We rounded out the night with a couple of old TV shows on Netflix and  then to bed.
Already this week- All 3 kiddos have had 3 science experiments EACH, one accounting quiz, one math test and one spelling test. We started watching Ken Burn's The Civil War as part of our American History studies and had a fun time serving at our local soup pot. And we harvested a whole slew of goodies from the gardens.

I love this crazy fun homeschooling life we live!

Side note- I realize I have not shared what we're doing for curriculum this year. A post I usually do in the late spring.... ah, oops. Here's to hoping I'll be sharing all the details soonish....


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