Monday, August 12, 2013

August kinda rushed up on me....

Wowzers. We're 12 days into a new month and this is my first post....
Sorry to have gone so MIA on y'all.
Life has been super crazy fun busy with a cherry on top.
We just got back from a 4 day youth retreat (the Mister and I had the privilege of being youth leaders) with the girls and about 40 other teens.
God rocked the joint (aka retreat). Over the top rocked it.
And this week is VBS.
Life is good.
God is amazing.

I know I've got a LOT of catching up to do here.
I've got projects I want to share.
Menu plans that haven't been posted (we'll just start with where we're at right now and you'll forgive not knowing what we've been eating the last 3 or so weeks, 'kay?].
And I haven't shared what we're doing for school this year.... even though I've had the material since April.
And speaking of school, I'm in the process of de-cluttering and reorganizing the schoolroom and finding pockets of time to work on the kiddos schedules..... and work on prepping for my two homeschool co-op classes (I'm teaching a creative writing class and a Lego class).

Not to mention the little fact (shhh) that I had my Dear Sweet Friend come over and go thru the house with me discussing the tweaking etc. for putting it on the market (yes, she's a realtor and yes, the thought that we might actually be getting to this point is pretty stinkin' awesome). Although I must admit with all honesty, I wonder if it ever really will happen because real life doesn't stand still for me to "fix" and "fluff" much around here.  

But best of all.... our days have been spent spending loads of time together as a family.
Such as the afternoon we spent at an Old Engine Show, where I snapped this photo of the Mister and the Boy.

Aren't they just the cutest?! [I just love My Man's shirt- straight up truth for him! *wink*]
And that verse is just perfect for these 2 most important men in my life and their relationship.
This photo reminds me again how very much My Boy is growing- physically and more. His daddy has been making a point of giving The Boy more "man jobs" around here and teaching him about being  a man of integrity. Just last week my son gave his sister, Ms. Books, all the money he had earned working for his Nana. He gave it to her to put towards her mission trip to Guatemala coming up this winter. I wanted to stop him from giving her every single penny. I almost piped up to say, "How about you give her some of it and keep the rest for something you'd like to buy?" But the good Lord stopped me. What would my pragmatism have done to his generous heart? Would that have been a defining moment that showed him that you can and perhaps should hold back and not give all that you have even though you feel prompted otherwise? I feel that it could have been and I'm so glad Jesus shored up and sharpened my parenting skills in that moment. 
His sister accepted his gift with grace and hugs, letting him know through her words and actions that she knew how very precious and priceless it is. She told him that she looks forward to sharing with him when she comes back from her trip how God used that $6.50 to help her make a difference.
Funny thing that.... making a difference. She already had, right in that moment. Not just for her brother, but for her mama.
God is so very good like that.
Amazingly so.

>>> Thank you faithful readers for hangin' in there with me. I'm hoping to be back to a more routine posting schedule soon.
Check back later today for the menu plan and I'm hoping to have the September Weekly Menu Plan printable for you tomorrow.....

God Bless!


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