Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As Promised- FREE Printable: September Themed Weekly Menu Plan

Stay at home, taking your meals there,
For a worker deserves three square meals.
Don’t move from house to house,
Looking for the best cook in town.
Luke 10:7

Part of the secret of success in life
Is to eat what you like
And let the food fight it out inside.
~ Mark Twain

I collect quotes and these two were too fun not to share.
As promised yesterday.... The September Themed Weekly Menu Plan Printable.... 

I've already got October's done and ready.... I plan on sharing it later this month. 
When you click over to my Scribd, you'll find menu plans for July and August as well as a fall themed plan and other FREE printables. I hope to have a year's worth of monthly themed menu plans put together and ready for download by January.... we shall see.

On my own personal menu planning home front- August is all planned out and most of September with the exception of our week of vacation.... I've got ideas-- just got to figure out the logistics of it (we're frugal vacationers who don't eat every meal out on vacation). I think too  that I'm wanting and waiting to be more inspired....

Download & Enjoy, my friends.


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