Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time-out and another piece of the porch project (part III)

Life is full to the brim this week with my annual planning retreat for my homeschool group and various family events.... 
One of which is to get Ms. Books ready to send off for an 8 day choir concert tour.... I love that she does this and the great opportunities it gives her but oh how I miss her when she's gone.
Apron strings. I know. Apron strings.... but this mama wants to hold on and collect these life moments for as long as I can. This all goes by too fast.
Too too fast.

This is all to say that I'm soaking up my family and steeping in homeschool planning this week which won't leave me time for popping in here and sharing much.

I'm making myself take a time-out.

Summer is flying by and there are still things to be done 'round these parts.
I read this article yesterday and it spoke to me.... I find that my summer job here is just as busy (and as important) as it is during the school year. Just a different type of busy. And I like that very much.

Speaking of busy- I continue to work on this and that on the porch redo.
Here's a peak at my latest porch project- 

I wanted a bookshelf or something of short bulky proportions to fill out that little left side spot by the front door but I also wanted it to be cheap. First I went to my mama to see if she had any extra bookshelves, nope. Then came the afternoon I stopped to drop a load of stuff to Goodwill (GW) and armed with my 20% off coupon I decided to pop in and see what was what (yes, our GW gives you a coupon when you donate! Sah-weet!). Ms. Books needed black capri pants for her choir outfit and feeling flush from that great find, I wandered around and stumbled into this sad little bookcase hidden under a lot of other stuff. The price was right- $9.99 ($7.99 with coupon). It wobbled only slightly so I took it home.
Using leftover primer and paint from the porch ceiling, I painted that unloved piece into loveliness. I also found some other great goodies at GW and some bits and pieces from around the house to begin filling it out. Some quick calculating has me estimating that with the little bits and pieces added in this part of the porch project cost around $20.

Interested in seeing more of the Porch Project?
Go Here- the beginning
and Here- what a bit of paint can do
and here- a wooden screen door for that real farmhouse feel (and sound)


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