Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Porch Project- Part II: The Screen Door

There were two big reasons we kept putting off the porch project: the siding replacement and the front screen door.

Last  year through an interesting series of events our front storm door’s glass window was cracked, cracked bad. We gave the window frame to a friend to fix for us and the frame was lost. We lived all winter and spring with a storm door that had a screen at the top and nothing at the bottom. It sure has made life interesting and made us look a little hillbilly-ish in town. People commented on it. I worked to ignore it. How were we ever gonna fix that door? Storm doors are costly buggers. Our goal for the front porch project was to not go over $250. A screen door would have hit that number all by it’s lonesome. Something had to be done. We couldn’t go doorless because it would have looked seriously weird due to the depth of the door frame. Lord knows I contemplated it….
I should interject that we have 3 front doors, a storm door, followed by a 3 pane glass outside door and then the door from the porch to the house, so we wouldn’t have been completely doorless.
Here’s the thing- if you don’t know it by now, I love farmhouses. As in swoony swoon, heart pitter-patting love them. All things chippy and slightly rusted and dented and old school shabby chic farmhousey. Which means I also heart old school wooden screen doors that make that amazing twang, thwap, bang sound. I serious heart them. Imagine my great and utter joy to find that our local home improvement store had just that. The salesperson referred to it as “Oh, you mean the real cheap screen door” which means she had no idea the swoon worthiness of heart palpitations this door gave me when she showed it to us. And that the just under $30 price tag made the Mister’s blood pressure settle and our pocket book send out a sigh of relief.

To my continued amazement- the door was super easy peasy to put on the house too (this tends to hardly never happen with our projects) and with my Dad’s help, Mr. Steady had it up and twang, thwap, banging in under 30 minutes. After admiring it and banging it many a time, I set to painting it right then and there. The night before 20+ people were due to arrive for a party at my house and I’m happily painting a gorgeous screen door instead of prepping stuff.

I’m crazy zany like that. 

I dug up this photo (taken while we were repainting the house in Fall 2011) that show the front door before:

Here is the new door all painted and pretty now:

It must be said: I love this door.
I love that the weather has been so nice the last day or so that I've been able to fling wide all the doors and just let the screen door do the job of keeping the bugs out. I love hearing the kiddos going in and out by the twang-thwap-bang of that door. I love it's silver hinges and door handle. I love the hook and eye lock. This door quite simply makes me smile. A whole lotta lots.

Looking at this photo I also notice how the brighter, lighter porch just makes it pop right off the front of the house and say, "Hey! Notice me- aren't I the cutest!" 

[The front door (door right behind) and the screen door are both painted with Pittsburgh Paints Flat Exterior Latex in Wreath #D14-1.]

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