Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Porch Project- Part I

Another house project is right at the almost finished but still needs tweaking stage.
Which really is the foofifying stage of it all.... prettying it up and all that.
I've got some grand ideas which means the Mister is keeping an eagle eye on me....
because I'm known for trying some crazy stuff- some that works and some that backfires.

We're determined to keep this project low cost so I'm shopping the house for accessories and continuing to fall in love with gloriously glossy spray paints.
It's an addiction I tell you.

The project is our front porch.

Here's a before shot.... this is me, keepin' it real. Yes, the first thing people see when they come over is all that.... um, stuff. The above picture is rather tame. Really.

Our front porch is a wonderfully large 3 season room. (4 season if we wish to use the baseboard heat- which we don't. Because we're cheap frugal and it turns into our 2nd fridge in the winter.) Unfortunately it's always been a catch all place for us... oh, we'd clean it out and be able to eat on the porch for awhile and then some other project would come along and we'd haul all the stuff we didn't know what to do with to the porch. We'd clean it again and clutter it again and the cycle would continue over and over.
And because we live here and see the same stuff every single day, I became accustomed to the clutter and no longer saw it. You know how that goes.

There was some water damage to a portion of the southeast corner when we bought the house that we thought we'd eventually take care of.... funny thing that. It was supposedly fixed but it really wasn't.... a couple of horrid torrential downpours made that painfully apparent. We fixed the roof- took it right down to the boards, replaced a few boards and reshingled and all that. We fixed where the water had damaged the plaster inside the house- replacing it with drywall, repainting and all that. Those tasks and costs and living life at Wagner speed meant that the porch fixing went to the bottom on the to do pile. And so as the porch paint peeled and the clutter ebbed and flowed I ignored my porch for the most part.
And here we are, years later... finally gettin' it done.

One of the biggest hassles (and one of our biggest reasons for delaying the project forever) was the replacing of five boards (you can see right here in this post where we took them out). We found out that you just can't pop into the local home improvement store and grab a few pieces of wooden siding and be on your way. Not when your house is 140+ years old. We measured and shopped and shook our heads in confusion. 
Finally, when we decided to knuckle down and do this thing- the Mister tore out the bad boards plus one good one and we took the good one with us to the home improvement store. The head dude in the home building section looked at that piece of wood and looked at us and said, "What is that?" to which I replied, "A piece of wooden siding off of a 140+ year old house. Got anything to match?" To which he immediately said, "Um, yeah. No. Definitely don't have anything like that."
Lotta help that was.

But the Mister and I were not to be outdone right when the project was just getting started. We searched and compared that ol' board of ours to their boards (lots and lots of their boards) until we found something sorta similar that we thought we could make work. 
And we did.

The girls and I spent one whole day priming the entire porch while Mr. Steady worked his magic with those ill fitting boards. As you know from my previous post, the priming and painting part took longer because we had to get paint in between each and every one of those boards. Whew, what a job.

I took our 2/3 full can of Alpine Valley colored paint (from this project) to the home improvement store to have them lighten it just a smidge. And we used that lovely paint to paint the ceiling.

Since my arms were still cryin' from the day of priming, my darling daughters took on that task. Here they are working hard--

I am beyond thrilled with how the ceiling turned out. I felt all risky and adventurous going with a colored paint but I knew, oh I just knew in my heart of hearts, it was gonna be grand. Just grand.
And it is-- Oh it is.

You can see my cutie patootie new light fixture in the above photo.... the globe part is actually plastic. The base was black but I painted it hammered bronze (one of my favorite spray paints). It has the look I love- urban farmhouse at a price I love- about $10 (the light fixture was $5 and came with a glass globe which I didn't use. The plastic globe I swapped it for was just under $5. All purchased at Menards).

Coming soon- Part II where we talk accessories and total redo cost.
But before I go... one more before and after shot:

The North side of the porch with my porch swing (the only addition we made to the porch since we moved here ages ago):

And now....

Oh the love! I stained the porch swing a gorgeous blue grey. The pillows are actually from the living room (Ms. Books is going to make me a new cushion and pillows once I decide on fabric). The curtain is an old quilt top [never finished] that was in a box of material brought in by a wonderful lady for our homeschool group to go through.... I snatched that up right quick. Right now, I'm thinking it's just temporary until I figure out what I really want to do but I sure do love all that color.
The milk can is the same one on the left side of the before photo repainted in glossy marigold (yes, more spray paint).

So what do you think so far?


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