Monday, July 1, 2013

My weekend and my Monday

For the first time since the end of April....
Our family had a free Saturday this past weekend.
We decided to finally tackle the front porch project.
Mr. Steady and I closed down Menards at 10 pm on Friday night trying to find replacement wood siding for four pieces of 140+ year old siding on the porch that were in serious bad shape. When we showed the Menards guy a piece of our siding.... he just looked at us in bewilderment and said, "Um, yeah, I don't have anything like that. That wood is old!"
Yeah. We kinda already knew that.

Anyhoo- We took that board with us through all the wood siding and such and finally hit upon some pieces that could work with a bit of cutting and planing.... which is why this project has been put off for so long.
Turns out that entire wall of shingles, beings as its 140+ years old, is all different sizes of width and God being so gracious and smiley towards us.... my Man found he didn't need to plane the siding pieces or even cut them much.... they fit just fine with his patient care.
God is so good like that!

This photo right here is Ms. Books sweeping before we started painting. Ignore the bandit look. There was old insulation mixed in with all the dirt we were sweeping up and we didn't want to inhale it.
So this right here is our starting point on Saturday.

We have a beautiful, enclosed front porch (approx. 10'x12') but it needed some repairs and some updating. Yes, that wood looks glorious in the photo but believe me, in person, it just isn't.
And my idea is to really lighten it up to continue with the urban farmhouse look we've created throughout our house. We want our porch to be one of those inviting, come and sit a spell spaces of refreshment. [Not the catch-all it had become the last few years. Perhaps I'll share a picture of that ugliness at a later date.]

Here you can see where Mr. Steady had to remove pieces of the 140+ year old siding. It's lovely siding except for that part. You can also see he had started removing the old insulation but I, being the ever impatient one, decided to start priming while he was cutting and measuring.
The primer wasn't the stuff I wanted to use... but alas the amazing primer I've used for other such projects is no more. Glidden- this is me with my pouty look for you yanking Glidden Gripper Grey Primer into oblivion. That stuff was amazing. You stinkers.
I'm using their supposed thisisjustasgoodasthegreystuff primer. I'm here to say it isn't the same. It just isn't but you go with what you've got.

Beings that this house is 140+ years, our front porch has a stinkin' cute milk door....
Yes. A milk door. From back in the day when the milk man came to your house and left cold milk in glass bottles on your steps- or, in this case, slid them through your milk delivery door.
Don't you wish they still did that? I do. 

These last two shots are of us almost done, with arms like limp spaghetti noodles from all that priming....
Lots and lots of priming, and cutting in with smaller brushes to get in between each and every board. 
And. Every.
The porch looks so much brighter already.
Which is exactly what I wanted.

And that brings us to today- Monday.
I'm tired and worn but determined.
We started with the ceiling this morning.
It's a lighter shade of this color- Alpine Valley.
Which you may remember from this home project from last year.
I'm all about using what's already available on the premises.
Besides- I pinned this idea last year and LOVED it.

The walls... will be painted this- Antique White. Yep. Once again- using what we have on hand.
It enhances my frugalness.
Or so I'd like to think.

Hoping to get a chance to hop back on here and share some more photos of how far we've come (I also stained the porch swing a lovely bluish grey) and perhaps, have time to post our menu plan for the week.
In case I don't- we're having this for supper tonight.


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