Thursday, July 11, 2013

An apron wearing, laundry on the line type of day

After several horrendously hot and muggy days.... a cool breeze broke through yesterday evening.
We ate supper on the patio.
I read a book on the porch.
And the weather continued to be such loveliness when I woke up this morn that it gave me back my baking urge.
So this morning, I declared today an Apron Wearing Day.

I tied on one of my favoritest vintage half aprons. I believe I picked it up at a tag sale a few years ago.... I remember the price- they were 2 for $5. I think I bought six lovely aprons that day, two apiece for my girls and two for me. My girls and I.... we love to wear aprons.

On this apron wearing day, I mixed up a batch of my family famous cheesy scrambled eggs with farm fresh eggs (lovin' that!)  for the kiddos and I. [afterwards I wish I'd gone out and snipped some chives from the garden to add. Darn it.]

I baked two loaves of this bread, a family favorite.
And a batch of chocolate chip, sour cream muffins.

Not only is it an apron wearing type day but it's a laundry on the line type day too.

I switched aprons for hanging laundry. Yes. Switched.
Ms. Books made me a stinkin' cute clothes pin apron that I absolutely adore. Ah-dore. I love how handy it is to have the clothes pins right on my person. Makes me feel all uber efficient and all that.

This beautiful breezy day and my apron make me wish I had a bunch of lemons... I feel like making lemonade. I settle for making sun tea- raspberry, lemon sun tea.

I was thinking I really should put that second coat of paint on the front door but.... yeah, the porch swing and this book from the library are a whole lot more inviting right now....

And speaking of books-
What the kiddos are reading this week:
Ms. Books- Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns
Sassafras- The Moffats by Eleanor Estes
Mr. Conductor/The Boy- I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 by  Lauren Tarshis
Side note: Tarshis' I Survived series is GREAT for boys. Seriously. My boy continues to be a reluctant reader but this book is pulling him in. We read one chapter a day and the chapters are just the right size for him. Just right. The adventure and bit of a cliffhanger for each chapter helps a lot. I purchased I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 for him to read for school this fall. AND- we were talking about it at the library a few weeks ago and when the librarian heard it was a great series for boys- she ordered the whole kit and caboodle. Yay! I love our librarians.

Oh- one more thing.... this new recipe from last night?

A keeper. Straight up.
Super fun change up to the regular burger on a bun. I think this will become a winter favorite for our Friday Family Nights.

So what fun are you having this fine Thursday? Baking anything? Reading anything good?
Please share!


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