Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A natural way to get rid of fruit flies & gnats

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been inundated with nasty little buggies in our kitchen.
Fruit Flies
Pesty little buggies

Since I’m not willing to give up having fresh fruit and because those pesties are naturally attracted to water (they love the sink), I knew I had to find some way to get the buggers.

With the seriously good success of Ms. Books' Ant Killer recipe, I, being the smart mama, asked Ms. Books to figure out a way to rid us of this pestilence. It just so happens that the girl has been studying up on all the great uses of apple cider vinegar. Plus she's got a knack for Google searches.

And so, within fifteen minutes the girl had determined her first experimental concoction. And low and behold- the first attempt was SUCCESS!

Here's the recipe for Ms. Books' All Natural Fruit Fly & Pesty Bug Removal

1 glass jar or cup
A generous splash of apple cider vinegar
2 squirts of dish soap
plastic wrap

Pour a generous splash of apple cider vinegar into your jar. Add 2 squirts of dish soap (it can be any dish soap- she used my fancy stuff). Swirl the contents of the  glass in order to get the dish soap to settle at the bottom (because that's where it needs to be to pull those buggies down to Davy Jones Locker for keepsies). Cover the top of the glass with plastic wrap, then carefully prick a few small holes into the plastic wrap with a small fork.
Set your fly trap out in areas where you see the most pesty bugs.

You should begin finding dead bugs in your trap almost immediately. Leave this solution out for 24-48 hours, then dump, rinse and repeat the recipe until you're pesty bug problem is no more.

Since I was seriously done with the flies and Ms. Books trap was an immediate success, I asked her to make up 3 more- two more for the kitchen and one for the downstairs bath (they must have migrated to hang out in that sink too).

Our traps continued to catch the buggy bugs for two days. We decided to dump the bug catchers and refill them at that point because there were so very many bugs collected in the bottoms of the glasses.

Here's what we had after 24 hours:

All that dark stuff settling at the bottom: bugs.
Ick but still a success.

Reasons why I love this recipe:
No chemicals
Made from stuff we had on hand
Cost is less than a penny per trap
It catches lots and lotsa bugs


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