Friday, June 14, 2013

When productivity unravels to me creating doodle rocks

What started out as a pretty productive morning has unraveled......
at least it seems that way to me.
I can never quite accomplish all that I set out to do...
which gets me to thinking that I've fallen into that trap again-- 
that trap of trying to do too much.


The first thing to do when I'm feeling unproductive is to do something productive that shows immediate results.... such as putting away the laundry that is stacked on the table.
Or start a small quick craft project
or finish a half done craft project

and then after such small accomplishments that make me smile...
I decide to go off and do something totally unproductive to unwind my frayed nerves.
Like take a nap
or read a book
or swing on a swing

So today I'm stopping.
I'm calling the to do list "to done enough" for today and I'm going "off grid"

I took 15 minutes to be uber productive and I
put away the laundry on the table and picked up a couple things off the floor
and sifted and tossed mail
and cleaned out my purse

Then I took another 15 minutes and created these little lovelies

That's right friends.
I doodled on rocks.
Beautiful little smooth stones that I've collected from many trips to Lake Michigan.

Rock Doodle How to:

You'll need:
Black sharpies in 2 sizes, fine and regular
(the regular is for filling in bigger areas- like the word HOPE)
clean, smooth, flat stones
doodlin' ideas from your noggin

1. Clean your stones with soap and water
2. Let dry
3. Decide on your doodle-- to make  sure your doodle will fit on your rock, trace your rock on a piece of scrap paper and draw your doodle inside it. Once you've got something you like- draw it on the rock with your fine sharpie.
OR- you can doodle on your rock in pencil 'til you perfect it then go over it with the fine sharpie. OR.... you can totally be like me and just go freestyle, no practice, no nothin'-- just go for it!
4. Fill in any bigger spaces as you wish with the regular sharpie
5. Repeat with next rock
6. Once you've got a few rocks done- put them out, tuck them into little places and spaces where you'll see them and they'll make you smile.

* Side note: should you wish to put your doodle rocks outside, I'd suggest spraying them with a protective clear sealant... and be aware that they still may fade rather rapidly.

Since I took this photo of my lovelies, I added a little smile to the whale.
which makes me smile.


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