Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today is a Celebration

Today My Boy celebrated his fourth rebirthday.
Four years of new life in Christ.

Per tradition- we had cake for breakfast

Just in case you're wondering.... I made him this cake.
It was beyond delicious.... so much so that it required 1.5 cups of coffee to go with it.
And believe it or not... I put a cup of that middle frosting in a container in the fridge as I just couldn't think it needed anymore than what you see here... I mean, 2 inches of cool whip/cream cheese/Oreo frosting in the middle is plenty....

Another tradition... the one gift to grow them in their walk
We gave him this

After he blew out the candle, we held hands and each took turns praying blessings over the Boy. Oh I cannot quite describe what it does to my mama heart to hear my children pray for each other... and so specifically! Ms. Books prayed for his integrity and that he would always have a passion for God and His Word. Sass prayed for his joy to be in Christ, that He would be diligent in making time for God daily and that others would see Christ in him. We each included in our prayers that this Boy would grow to be a great, godly man... and then the Boy's turn came and he squeezed my hand and said something along these lines....
"Jesus, I want to grow up to be a great, godly man. I want to make you first on my list, not last. First every day...."

As we gorged ourselves on cake and refilled the milk glasses, my heart thumped loud in my chest and seemed to ring in my ears.... I wanted to freeze frame the moment to play back for us all on one of our less than stellar days.... I want the reminder too, for them and myself, to daily put God first on our lists. I sat and listened to my children talk....  and thought of a conversation we had days ago... when Ms. Books once again reminded us all that there are differences between Christian boys and godly young men and how she not only wants a godly young man for herself and her sister, but how she wants her brother to be a godly young man. I watch him nod carefully and look her straight in the eye. I watched him ponder.

But its not enough to just pray for our young men to be godly... we have to show them what that means, give them opportunities to work on such character traits..... they have to have it modeled right in front of them, daily. And that right there- starts with My Boy's Daddy and includes is PawPaw and beyond that some great, godly men at our church that take time and interest in my Boy. These men are the influences that will help shape him into the great, godly man we pray he becomes. As Father's Day rolls ever closer and with today's events, my thoughts have parked themselves in the midst of this... and my gratitude is endless. 

My Mr. Steady and my dad are the greatest manly influences on the Boy's life and we are beyond blessed that these two men edify what it means to be great, godly men. My Boy gets to see on a daily basis what it means to put God first, others second and yourself last. He has a Daddy who has shown him through actions and words, how to treat a lady, how to handle your temper, how to pray, how to be honest and what it means to have integrity. He has sisters who give him the opportunity every day to "be the man" in our home while Daddy is at work (How? Some examples- asking his help with jobs, waiting for him to open doors,  helping me give him "man" tasks to do). In his PawPaw, the boy gets the same lessons reinforced and lots more opportunities to take on "manly tasks" and do hands-on guy stuff. He sees his daddy and grandfather live out love and grace and hand out mercy to others without it taking away from their own manhood. He has kindness, integrity, deep faith and a strong work ethic lived out in front of him as daily examples. He sees these great, godly men make mistakes and he watches how they handle them and make things right. Daily, my son is being handed these amazing gifts from these amazing men that will shape his character and his future.
These thoughts undo me in the incredible blessedness of it all.

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Do you celebrate Re-birthdays at your house? I'd love to hear how you celebrate! Please share your stories and ideas in the comments section of this post.


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