Saturday, June 22, 2013

The creating continues- another peek at my gallery wall and a glimpse at the cost breakdown so far

Yeah, I still haven't finished that gallery wall that I teased you with last week...
I decided to finish the file folder system and make jam instead.
And I decided to spray paint an old clip board that I picked up at Goodwill.... I'm fixin' it up pretty for Sassafras for school. I'm toying with the idea of adding a strip of chalkboard paint to it.
Oh and I've been working like a fiend in my gardens. I gotta say.... my gardens have never, no not ever, looked this good. Really.
Perhaps I'll have some photos for y'all next week.... which leads me to thinking I should have taken before photos just so you could really see what I'm talking about.... but I didn't.
Oh well.

Anyhoo, that's all to say what I've been up to and not exactly what I popped in to share.
I'm sharing another glimpse of the gallery wall and a simple little bit of a how-to.

I had some criteria for this project: I didn't want to frame everything for this wall and this needed to be a frugal project. As in find it at home frugal or Goodwill or the dollar store frugal (like the plaque for the yarn art 5 in this post). So what I did have on hand was some canvas panels I had purchased earlier this spring. I bought a 3 pack for just under $5, making them $1.50 a piece (love, love, love picking up these canvas pkgs when they're 50% off at HobLob). I bought the canvases because I had created a piece of artwork that didn't fit into a standard sized frame and I'm not into spending the big bucks to frame my artwork.
The weird sized artwork is the family tree featured at the end of this post. It's a pen and ink drawing on Bristol paper. 

I made it into this:

Using this:

I took the 12x16 canvas panel and gave it one nice coat of Krylon's Glossy Spray Paint in Blue Ocean Breeze.
After it dried I took my artwork and sprayed the back with the spray adhesive pictured here from Elmer's. I then eye-balled where I wanted it on the board and smoothed it down.
Ta Da!

I purposed to position the artwork higher on the board for 2 reasons- 1. a different look, I'm not a big fan of centering and 2. I'm thinking I may want to add a little something at the bottom such as "est. 1994" in a fun font.

To hang the artwork I used 3M's Command Strips (poster size).
I think when this wall is totally finished the biggest expense is going to be those handy dandy little Command Strips. Man, those things are awesome!

As you can see from this picture- I used the same process to create a wall hanging of a photo of the Mister and I that Ms. Books took.

This time I used grey spray paint (a cheap primer actually) on the canvas.
Isn't that great! This photo gives you another glimpse at the gallery wall! Those cutie patootie embroidered gnomes in the barn wood frame are just the most lovely little bits of wonderfulness. My Sissy made it for the Mister and I for our anniversary last year. I've got a bit of a thing for gnomes.... its a long story....

So- looking at this wall so far, I estimate:
Family Tree $2.10
The Mister & Me $6 (including photo print)
Every Single Day canvas $3.50
Yarn 5 $1.75 (estimating for nails & yarn)
Gnome Embroidery free (gift)
Total spent so far: $13.35

I'm liking that total!
Next time I'll share with you about the artwork I made from this quote. And what I used to frame it  for the wall project. [Hint: more spray paint and spray adhesive]
[Double Hint: You can view the watercolor I created of this on my facebook page]


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