Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The average, ordinary, every day Tuesday that wasn't so much so

Today is Tuesday.
Just your average, ordinary, every day Tuesday 'round these parts.

An original quirky watercolor... by me. My yellow farmhouse.
I got up early and went to the grocery store by myself.
We were out of milk and the store wasn't crowded at all.
But I didn't wander... got what was on my list and was out the door.
We needed the milk for breakfast.

After breakfast I administered another section of the standardized test I'm giving my kiddos this week.
It went smoothly.
Which was very nice.
Very nice indeed.

I kissed Ms. Books good-bye as she grabbed her bag and headed off on an adventure with her bff.
I'm thankful for our GPS.

And then, in the middle of my ordinary Tuesday, with me holding onto my iced coffee in my ohsostinkin'cute blue mason jar with a green and white stripey straw in it.... Mr. Conductor, my Little Man, announced that the upstairs toilet had overflowed. He tried to flush it again to "help" it. Water was running out of the toilet in copious amounts.... as well as, um, other things.
And just like that an ordinary Tuesday skids to a screeching halt.

A chalkboard in my kitchen.
Made from a cabinet door I got at the ReStore for $1.
I didn't know the water was running out of and over the toilet until I walked in the room. I wasn't prepared. So right now there is a load of towels making it's 2nd run through the washer with hot, hot, hot water. The first run was with bleach. The second run is this method.

I used pretty much a whole bottle of homemade disinfecting cleaner.

The bathroom looks and smells spectacular now.
But that was sooooo not on my agenda for today.

As I stood in the midst of that mess waiting for my little crew to bring the necessary supplies, I could have lost my temper in a real big way. But amazingly enough, it didn't even cross my mind to be mad about it. [Which, fyi- if very much not like me.]
Until my Boy stood there handing me towels and rags and saying, "Mama, I'm so sorry. I didn't know it would do  that." Him all forlorn and ready for the meting out of punishment.
But there was none.
I assured him that he was right, he didn't know that would happen and that if it had been me, well, I probably would have flushed it too....

There came grace right in full bloom in the midst of the worst moment of my Tuesday.
I just gave him a little, quick wink
and he gave me big a quick, big grin.

The reality is that it took just 30 minutes of my day and I now have a clean bathroom and fresh towels. And a son and myself that knows a bit more about the feel of grace.

And there you have it... the moment that was a non-moment in my day. Oh it was an awful, stinky hassle but there in the midst of my average, ordinary, every day Tuesday it was just that a moment. It didn't rock my world farther than those 30 minutes but it sure tenderized my heart to connect with my son in such an unplanned way.


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