Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project luv Sneak Peek: Creating a gallery wall with my own homegrown artwork

I've been on a tear 'round these parts working on projects and creating like crazy.
Spray paint has become a dear friend.
Ms. Books commented that I'm "really feelin' the yellow vibe" which is interesting because up until a few months ago I wasn't that into yellow. At all.
But these days....
These days I'm wandering the house with my Rust-Oleum Warm Yellow spray paint looking for my next paint project....

I'm finally knocking some items off my to do list and my own summer bucket list...
at the same time. Double the completion joy!

I'm going with The Nester's catch phrase of "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

I'm spray painting... but not sanding... and so far, so good.
And if it has a little  bubble or scratch or imperfection... so what! I'm going with it!
I'm creating personal madebyme artwork for the wall
and embracing the quirkiness of my own handmade, homegrown imperfectness.

Here's just a sneak peek of some of what I've been working on....
Here's the wall above Mr. Steady's dresser as it looked last week and the week before that and the week before...
It has looked this way for oh, about six or seven years.
Yeah, totally ho-hum.

And here's a lamp I've had since I was a teen which has been hanging out doing nothing in a closet for the past 15 or so years...

I grabbed the yellow paint and went to town on that lamp (of course I taped off the top and cord first...). I spray painted the shade too but it turned out awful... just awful. That old fabric showed its worn nubbiness after I hit it with some lovely dark turquoise spray paint... so that was a bust. But for that to be the only wrong turn so far... I'm doing real good!

Here's an itty bitty bit of a glimpse of what that blank wall is becoming....

Oh How I love this!

The "Every Single Day... " Canvas was made by me using this method I've used before.
The 5 art was made by me after I saw this... I spray painted a $1 plaque from the dollar store yellow, traced the five (after I printed it out on my computer- spending loads of time to get just the right font and size, sigh) and then tapped in a whole lotta lots of nails to the 5 outline. After that I I followed the instructions for wrapping  the yarn. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the yarn winding part took.... lots quicker than waiting for that spray paint to dry.
The shade on the lamp is from the old lamp in the first photo (remember the spray painted shade method didn't work). I'm not overly fond of this shade and will be looking to replace it.
And I'm planning on painting or doing something real fun (washi tape, perhaps?) with that light switch cover.

There's 5 more pieces of artwork on that wall that you don't see in the above picture.... I hope to show it to you real soon. I'm working on the final two pieces (here's a hint).


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