Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still thankful and counting

It's been months since I shared my thankfuls on here....
I'm not exactly sure why I stopped. I still keep a real pen and paper list here at home but it just hasn't made it's way here to the blog.
For the sake of continuity we'll start with the number I left off on here.... 2021.

My thankfuls #2021-2050

The beautiful super moon last nite
The cool of the breeze and of the grass as we stood in the dark watching the moon play tag with The clouds
Our garden is sprouting
The bags upon bags of mulch that have transformed my flower beds
Our chickens are laying cute little pullet eggs, daily.
The simple little random acts of kindness the kiddos and I have been doing that make are hearts hap-hap-happy
Feeding kitchen scraps to the chickens
The simple fact that Mr. C named his favorite chicken Omelet. Such a pragmatic boy
Flowering weeds from alongside the road in a blue mason jar
That one afternoon where I'm actually and totally all caught up on laundry
Sun shining on sheets hanging on the line
Everyone has bathing suits that fit
Fun and frugal things fill our summer bucket list
that night last week when it was so cool at night that we had a campfire and smores
The fun of doodling on rocks
Home projects getting taken care of
Homemade jam on homemade bread
Ms. Books is cooking
Sassafras is baking
The smile I get when I see the gallery wall in our bedroom each morning
My morning quiet time
Hearing my kiddos singing together
My Boy carrying my bag for me
Date nite with the Mister that included a trip to the hardware store
Blue glass Ball jars that belonged to my grandfather and are now mine
Our whole little family of five all pitching in on family projects together and loving it
My Boy is learning to mow and is so proud of it
Ms. Books handling the watering chores with the younger 2 each morning while I start breakfast
Cherries on our cherry tree!

Read the rest of my list right here


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