Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting my Craft on and creating something fun for my Boy

I've been busy on a bunch of fun projects these last couple of weeks...
I even got the chance to get away for a weekend with my sis and two of my favorite friends to spend an entire weekend together crafting, finishing projects and eating great, extremely delicious food. We each picked a craft we wanted to make with the group and brought the supplies... so I came home not only with a few of my own projects finished, but 3 other great projects. Oh the complete fun of it all!
Just so you know.... we made this, this, this and I was in charge of this project.
Projects I worked on myself over the weekend: this scarf (so not 5 minutes), two little banners that used this picture as inspiration, and I'm in the process of finishing up 2 other projects I started over the weekend.
And just in case you're interested.... food wise, this is some of what we ate:
this, this, this, this, this and this. Calories don't count when you're on a girls weekend get away. Not one bit.

Here at home, I'm in the process of creating a unique gallery wall in the master bedroom for the Mister and me... and also working on some great stuff for The Boy's room.

One of the projects for my Boy is some photos his sis and I took while at some great car shows last summer.... he wanted to focus on some really awesome old Fords and picked 3 photos which I then edited on PicMonkey (oh, how I love this fun monkey!).

My Man will soon be working on the frame I decided we needed for these great photos (which I hope to share with y'all when it's done).

But for now, here's a glimpse of the 3 photos....

In reality, I had them each made into individual 8 x 10s- this is just a piece of each one.... I collaged them here for the fun of it!

The Boy is over the moon about the project. We've put up a couple pieces of his artwork, these photos will go up, he's got a great Railroad sign over his bed and there is an old truck poster we need to frame.... it's coming together!

Have you been getting your craft on lately? What awesome projects have you finished? Have you been pinspired to create something from Pinterest?


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