Monday, June 10, 2013

Cookin' up some deliciousness this week!

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for June 10th thru 16th 

Notes: Our June is full of Graduation Open Houses every single Saturday.... (averaging 2 per Saturday) which means Mr. Steady is pretty excited about all the good eats we'll be tastin' every weekend. I like the variety but I'm not looking forward to what all that grad cake will do to my waist line.... and strawberries should be ready this week, which means Ms. Books and I are gonna be making up some batches of strawberry freezer jam.... which also means I must save some berries and make my little family's favorite shortcake.
Food wasted last week: Three whole wheat rolls went to the chickens…. Which made them happy, happy, happy

Breakfast: Blueberry pancake bites or biscuits and sausage gravy
Lunch: Diner dinner
Breakfast: Cake for Breakfast!
Lunch: Diner dinner
Dinner:  chicken patty sandwiches, chips, pickle spears, chunk cheese
Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt smoothies, toast
Lunch:  Shredded chicken tacos
Dinner: Mexi-lasagna, greens salad
Breakfast: Toad in the holes, fresh fruit
Lunch: Diner Dinner
Dinner: Picnic! Honey ham sandwiches, pickle spears, cucumber & mayo salad, chips
Breakfast: Choice: cold cereal with milk/ vanilla yogurt with fruit & granola
Lunch: Diner dinner
Dinner: Family Nite: Campfire cooking... we're looking up, discussing and will be choosing our recipes this week [using this board as our idea starter]
Breakfast: Daddy Cooks! – Eggs, bacon, toast
Lunch & Dinner: Graduation open houses
[we have 3 to go to today!]
Breakfast: Coco Wheats with dried cranberries, toast
Lunch:  still in the planning stages… planning for something on the grill
Dinner: will be leftovers from lunch

Snacks for the Week:
Oreos (a snack staple), popcorn (another staple), homemade iced fruit popsicles
Fruit for noshing this week: apricots, strawberries, nectarines
Desserts we’re hoping I make this week:

This cake right here…. Oh the yum of it all. And we've got some lemon glazed blueberry doughnuts left still.... but not for long!

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