Monday, May 13, 2013

Don't know where this right here is going

I'm upside down and inside out.... so much, much, much is going on around here
and none of it is on here... this quiet spot of mine in blogland has been too quiet of late.
Forgive me, but it may be quieter just a bit longer....
We're in the final days of school for the year-- wrapping up this and that and the other.
Sleeping in a bit because we miss it so... staying up a bit later because the weather is more beautiful.
I'm spending my time on year-end paperwork
and when I'm not doing that I'm digging in the dirt... it's gardening time y'all.
And when I'm not doing that.... I'm snuggling up with my four favorite people and spending time together.
Which doesn't leave for a lot of time on here.
We're making plans, working on more home projects, finishing up a chicken coop (my 4 favorite people are- I'm just the photog on this project) and going lots of places, doing lots of things....

Every single day I am grateful for this life.

E V E R Y   S I N G L E    D A Y

Life is good and full and I am most content.
Yes, there are moments when I am overwhelmed by the doing.

And the going.
There are moments where I contemplate coloring this grey that keeps creeping more and more into my hair...
Moments when all I see are the wrinkles instead of the crinkles of my smile
Moments when my pants don't fit right and I don't seem to fit right in my skin...
but they are only moments.
And I choose to surround the tougher, edgier ones with the ones that matter more...
the ones that remind me that this is a good life and all that I am is more than the skin that wraps around me... much more.
I soak in the moments of right here, right now. These children of mine, they won't stop growing and I don't want to miss it. This Man of mine needs my loving poured out on him daily. This God of mine- I need Him, need to walk with Him and steep in Him and His Word to keep on keepin' on.

There is so much to be seen, so much to be done with these special, favorite people of mine. I want to be in the very thick of it.
And so, its quiet here and I don't know where this here, right here is going.... 

I don't always know what to do... but I  know to fix my eyes on Him.


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