Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currently on this the first of May

I'm trying something different-ish- a jotty note type of post. Don't know where this will lead or if I'll stick with it beyond today but here's just a bit of a pit stop into what's current here with me...

Currently I am…
Reading— I just finished in a whole long into the night one sitting read through- this book. It had some dragging spots and a few small holes in the plot that I would have liked to have seen fleshed out more but as a whole it was a nice quick read, which I needed.
Listening to – this album. Over and over again. Loving it. Lots.
Watching – old 80s TV shows on Netflix for family movie time. I love me some Magnum P.I. or MacGyver. Truly.
Trying – to get caught up with all my school paperwork… there’s a slightly tallish, off-kilter pile of “to be graded” work that that I need to whittle down. School is winding down you know.
Baking – this bread just about every other day. Which reminds me, I need more dried cranberries.
Eating – homemade yogurt and lots of fruit. I'm even putting frozen fruit in my water  to add a bit of flavor and get me drinking more of it!
Pinning – lots of great garden ideas… and chicken stuff.
Crafting – an art project I started last week at our monthly art class. I’m creating art for a collage wall in our bedroom above Mr. Steady’s dresser… more on that to come soonish.
Going – to massage therapy later today for my shoulder.
Loving – this seriously more like spring weather we’ve had this week. And being able to hang clothes on the line and open windows…
Not so loving – the fits in the weather that is slowing down our coop building schedule, which in turn slows way down the list of remodeling projects we have going on around here.
Disliking – the clutter I’ve hidden in some little spaces that seems to be screaming at me lately. Gotta tackle some of that soon.
Discovering – that for as extroverted as I am, I crave and desperately need quiet alone time to balance it out. Praising God for His help in carving out that time.
Thinking – I’ve made some strides in limiting my commitments and extra activities away from home but that I need to be mindful not to fill up the blank spaces with more stuff to do.
Feeling – more on task. After the jumble and upheaval in my life these last two months I am finally into more of a routine and on an even keel. I like that a whole lotta lots.
Lastly, I'm hoping (Hope... my word of the year) – for some serious down deep in my heart answers to prayers.

Wondering-- What's current with you?


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