Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gettin' Creative with Legos

In our house are many Legos.
They migrate out of The Boy's room and throughout my house.
If ever a burglar tried to rob us barefoot- he wouldn't survive the pain.

For his 9th birthday we took The Boy all the way to the other side of the state so that he might shop his dream- The Lego Store.

The store has bins and bins of Lego people parts and you can create your very own Lego people right there! We knew this before our visit and so it was our plan that we would create our very own Lego W Family.
I have to say this was one of the great highlights of the trip.

Here we are as Legos:

Mr. Steady holds a shovel and wears a plaid shirt. He also has a stocking cap on his head as well as beard stubble. This is very much my hubster right here.
Then there's me: complete with smirk and giant coffee cup. Spot. On.
Ms. Books is next decked out in some purple (her favorite color) and sporting a pony tail (her favorite go to hair style). Yes, she's holding a crowbar/pry bar. She had a hard time finding the right accessory so she went with the pry bar over a sword because as she put it "I like to pry into things."
Sassafras also had trouble finding the right accessory. She wanted flowers but settled for a piece of bling. This fits as this girl loves blingy things. She also has a sweet smile which is reflected here.
Last but not least- The Boy. My dapper little man. My Boy loves ties and car caps and that wink you see... Him to a T. The brief case according to the boy, "contains a fair amount of explosives."

Our Lego family sits on the window sill right above the kitchen sink and makes me smile every time I see it.

Many friends and family have enjoyed getting a peek at our family in Legos. We get a kick out of their reactions.

Just this week, Ms. Books surprised me by altering the family a bit. Here's what she did:

Isn't that just the stinkin' cutest thing ever!

I did have to ask her what the kid figures are doing as it looks as if she's coming at us with her crowbar. Her response is that it's hard to pose Lego figures. She wanted it to look like she's hiding her face but peeking at us from behind her hands. Sass is turning away and covering her eyes and The Boy is suppose to be rolling his eyes and shaking his head as he turns away (while still clutching his briefcase and stick of dynamite). 
Personally, I like how I dropped my coffee cup and my man dropped his shovel so we could plant one on each other!

I do so love the creativity that flows in this family!


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