Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April is just about gone... menu plan for the week

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for April 29- May 5th     

Notes: Work continues on the chicken coop… weather and schedules have been working against us. This is the numero uno project right now and all free time is to it. It’s also messing with my meal plan schedule but I’m coping…. Pretty much.
Food wasted last week: Approximately eight wrinkled cherry tomatoes went into the compost and we took dried out bread heels to my parents to feed the chickens… it was a good week.

Breakfast: Sliced oranges, strawberries, pears and toast with jam
Lunch: diner dinner
Dinner: deli style sandwiches, chips, pickles
Breakfast: cinnamon roll waffles topped with strawberries, sliced oranges
Lunch:  Grilled cheese sandwiches, pickle spears
Dinner: Mexi-lasagna, greens salad, homemade pickles
Breakfast: cold cereal, toast and jam
Lunch:  diner dinner
Dinner: Sloppy Pizza burgers, chips, homemade pickles
Breakfast: Homemade yogurt with fruit and granola
Lunch: diner dinner
Dinner: Pacos (taco toppings on baked potatoes), salad
Breakfast: Cold cereal topped with strawberries
Lunch: Diner Dinner
Dinner: everyone's gone to some event or other... Mama's getting take-out and reading a book!
Breakfast: Mama Eggs (cheesy scrambled eggs with bacon), toast
Lunch: Leftover Smorgasbord
Dinner: Homemade pizza
Breakfast: Coco Wheats with dried cranberries, toast
Lunch:  Cinco de Mayo fundraiser dinner at church- bringing 4 pkgs flour tortillas
Dinner: Sunday Snupper (snacks for supper) leftovers or nachos or cereal if its late…

Snacks for the Week:
Oreos (this is a staple), cranberry cinnamon bread (recipe right here!), popcorn, homemade yogurt w/ fruit
Fruit for noshing this week: bananas, strawberries, oranges
Desserts we’re hoping I make this week:
Baked chocolate donuts (of note- this is the 3rd week this has been on my to do list…)


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