Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Him I place my Hope

Blessed be the Lord--
day after day He carries us along.
Psalm 68:19 the MSG

Oh, I just can't sing His praises high enough or loud enough for how He carries us.
How He's meeting us exactly where we are at. How He's holding us close in the palm of His great hand.
Oh Jesus you are so beyond good to me and mine!
We continue to go through this painful waiting time with Mr. Steady's family. Each day Dad W fades away a bit more. As of today, He still knows us- recognizes us, calls us by name and smiles. This is good. So very good. Pockets of bittersweetness, but all still good.

This road I'm traveling right now is difficult yet achingly familiar. I've been on this road many times with loved ones but the road is never quite the same and has never been for a parent. I find my feet unsure and my gait is unsteady.
I'm okay with not being okay.
God is so very present. My quiet times have been so rich, so exceedingly good, such a balm for the deepest parts of me. I cannot praise my Jesus enough for knowing me so well and meeting me right here in the midst of me. Here's a snippet of what He spoke from His Word right to the core of me today:

Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on
and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate.
For such persons loyally in love with God,
the reward is life and more life.
James 1:12

Can I get an AMEN?!
I have absolutely no doubt that God is in the midst of all of this. I have been and continue to ask Him to not just minister to me, but more importantly to grow and teach me in this waiting time. I don't want to miss one piece of what He has to offer me during this. He is so full of such amazing goodness and He rains it down on us daily. I don't want to miss a drop.
Living in this waiting is such that I feel like my emotions are on constant alert- right up at the very top and edges of me. Happy moments are so much more brilliantly happy and joyful. Tears are never far away from my cheeks but the sorrow....
the sorrow is soft and purposeful and sprinkled with amazing hope.
My word of the year. 

In me there is no doubt that Jesus walks right here beside me and mine as we travel this difficult road. 
He is my refuge, He is my strength. In Him I place all my hope.


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