Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting crafty once again... finally!

Last fall I found this wonderful tutorial on Pinterest by the wonderful Amy (nice name!) of Mom Advice.

Soon after, yarn wreaths were all over Pinterest. And I've pinned quite a few of them. I didn't want to sink a ton of money into this project so I started out with a straw wreath and some homespun yarn that was gifted to me by a lovely lady from our church.
I looked at a few other tutorials but kept coming back to Amy's. It's simple and straight forward and I like that.
I REALLY liked her suggestion of gluing the posies onto alligator clips which makes it ohsoeasypeasy to change your colors to suit the season.
Also- pay close attention to the part where she instructs you to glue a piece of felt between one side of the clip and the flower (just place the scrap of felt inside the clippy and glue to the flower).... this is a crucial step, otherwise you'll be very unhappy when you find yourself using a steak knife to saw through the hot glued together clippy glued like cement to the posy. If you miss this step you might just ruin a perfect stinkin' cute little posy.
Just sayin'.

Of course, I started my crafty shopping adventure at Hobby Lobby.
I picked up a straw wreath for $3.99.
A 25 pack of alligator clips for $2.99.
And some sheets of felt 50 cents each.
The yarn was a freebie but you don't need anything fancy-shmancy for this- pick a color you like and go cheap- as in $3 or less. If you're concerned you'll run out of yarn pick up 2 skeins but I don't think you'll need it.

This project can easily be done for less than $12.

I kept the plastic on my straw wreath (per Mom Advice Amy's suggestion). I gotta say, wrapping the yarn is by far the hardest part of this project. It takes for----- ever. I suggest watching TV with the family to pass the time. You'll want to be neat and tidy and keep your lines straight and close to each other. It bothers me that there's a cross over of yarn at the bottom of my wreath... not so neat and tidy. I try to ignore it. Because my yarn was homespun this was way more time consuming because it got tangled up. A lot.

I like that I kept my wreath a neutral color, even though I'm trying hard not to get sucked in by all the lovely colored wreath candy on Pinterest. So far, I've created flower pins for fall, Christmas, Valentine's and Spring. The spring ones were made a couple weeks ago when my Sister Em and friend Rache came for our quarterly Girls Day (I LOVE these days). Before they came, I messaged them asking if they'd like to make yarn wreaths together.
Of course it was a go.
Right after making that decision we all started pinning yarn wreaths like crazy on Pinterest. Such fun! It's a great exciting build up to our Girls Day.

My Sis just wrote a blog post and posted a picture of her stinkin' cute wreath on her blog. I love that she used that ohsocute lace trim in a threesome on the opposite side of the wreath. I'd love to do that too but its the same color as my yarn... I'm contemplating dying me some lace trim... Oh boy.

Since I'm waiting impatiently for spring to arrive and am very much into yellow and aqua right now-  I went with those colors.
And I tried out a new to me flower posy pattern. The chrysanthumum. 
I used this tutorial and finished it by glueing on a little round circle of felt, then gluing on my clippy- and to finished it off, I added a little felt leaf to the pinch end of my clippy . Voila!
It looks a bit complicated but it's not. I even made two sizes!
Ms. Books loved the look of the mum so much she immediately stuck it in her hair and walked off. I was able to recover my lovely after promising to make the girl one for her very own.

I also added a little paper pennant banner- using paint chips, scrapbook paper scraps and bakers twine.
the banner is knotted  to two stick pins positioned out of sight on the back of the wreath.

What a lovely, lovely way to spend a day with the girls!
Talking and crafting... two of my favoritest things to do.


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