Friday, February 8, 2013

Top Homeschooling finds of the week

I'm toying with the idea of making an every Friday post of my five favorite homeschooling links of the week. I say toying because the thought of tying myself down to another weekly post kinda gives me the heeby-jeebies. The permanence and responsibility of it all, ya know.
So instead, I believe I'll try it on for size for a couple of weeks... perhaps the rest of the month.
I like saying, "Let's try it." That leaves me with some wiggle room.

This week's top finds:

Simple Homeschool has done a lovely series of posts on A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler and this post right here gives a great link up in the comments of dozens upon dozens of other homeschoolers (including yours truly) that shared their Day in the Life.

This right here has come in real handy 'round these parts the last couple of weeks: 200 Ways to say "Went". I printed one out for each of my girls' word books.

I loved this post on why support groups are important to homeschoolers- newbies and veterans alike. I've been schooling for over six years now... some days I feel like a grizzled veteran and others like the newer than new newbie.... growing up kids will do that to you.

Simple Homeschool's post on Teaching a Reluctant Learner resonated with me this week. My son is a reluctant reader and that seeps into other areas of our school day. This post was just a wonderful, gentle reminder that its okay, to keep trying with him and not give up. I loved this line: Don’t confuse reluctancy with disobedience.  Some days that is very, very hard.

And finally, something I found this week on Pinterest:
The Habit of Family Journaling....

I love to journal and I love the idea of getting my children to create there own.


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