Thursday, February 21, 2013

Such is life

Oh what a week this has been... and its not over yet.
Too too much going on.
Last night I went to bed at 8:30 pm.
This mama is worn out.

In other news, the baby chicks are doing quite well.
I do believe all these little ladies are going to make it...

The kiddos adore them and like to visit as often as possible (the chicks are at my parents). So far the kids remain gung-ho about the feeding and the watering and even changing out their bedding. More than that they've taken on the tasks of cleaning little chick behinds.
Oh yes, this is one of those things people don't mention much.
Little chicks can get dirty behinds and you must take a warm wet soft cloth and gently wash their little behinder to get all the poop off. Yes, you must.
And when I say you, what I really mean is not me.
I took on the cleaning behinds in the raising of three children and help in the diapering of my neices and nephews when needed but I draw the line at little chick behinds.
Especially when the newly cleaned chick decides to poop right on the person who is taking the time to so graciously take care of them. That's some gratitude right there.
Anyhoo, the chicks are doing well and the kids are doing well at taking care of them and I'm doing well at letting them and staying out of it.

Because we must name things around these parts, the kids are making a list of possible names. Each name must be a good fit so it's a process.
So far on the list we have:
Bernice (Bernie for short)
Bertha (in the hopes that some day she'll be Big Bertha, the layer of large eggs)
Minnie (as in Pearl)
Gertrude (Gertie)

It seems our chickens must have good old fashioned names as these are the only ones the kids are considering. We've got eight chickens so we won't be using all these but for sure, as in the kids have already named 3 of the chicks- Bernie, Beulah and Bertha. We must have a thing for B names.
I like Maude. It's a sturdy name. As is Gertrude. My thought process is that good sturdy names make for good laying chickens. Ms. Books shakes her head at me when I mention this. But she's smiling.

Other than taking care of chickens, a large portion of our time this week has been our monthly art classes. We're getting ready for our very, first ever art showing. I had no idea all that goes into such a thing.
And can I just say, really quietly, right here that I'm behind in my grading? There are a couple of assignments that I'm really not looking forward to grading and I'm putting it off....
and my sweet Sass is turning thirteen next week.
Then the boy will turn 9 just days after that.
He said to me today, "I'll be 9. My last year of only being one digit."
That boy is something else.... his current obsession for art class is drawing "Mustache Men" as he's dubbed them. Here's a gander:

Obviously Mustache men must also wear hats and pack heat.
Just sayin'.
I love this hilarious little boy.

And that right there is my week in a nutshell.


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