Monday, February 11, 2013

Squinting, Goodness and Sermon Notes

If tomorrow we have only the things we gave thanks for today... what would we have? 
Oh Lord, may you always find my thankful, even in the midst of the difficultness… help me to find the praise.

Continuing the Tally: #2021-2035

Learning to see the good around me... even if I have to squint sometimes
The smile and chuckle that statement brings me
and also the serious reminder that sometimes its the hard things I must find thanks for

The bible searching and buying for the Mister that caused me to go through a couple of my bibles... what joy it brings me to find drawings from my kiddos, a dried violet that Sass gave me when she was just a smidge, tons of notes written on scraps of paper and holding places in special spots, photos as bookmarks, the highlighting, the underlining, the notes in the margins.... I distinctly remember what I was going through as I reread some of those scribbles and I just gotta stop a moment and thank God all over again for how He leads and guides my life. He is truly, nodoubtaboutit, straight-up AMAZING in His love for me.

The fact that I have a collection of bibles. I am so blessed.

After a week of 3 out of 5 of the fam being sick- we are all healthy!
The gift of holding and soothing my little man when he was sick... to be this help.
Stripey straws in containers of Powerade make being sick a wee bit better
Cutting the crusts off his toast when he's sick because it's the little things that matter

Date nite with the Mister... laughing and holding hands like we were teenagers.

This sermon series my pastor is preaching on is rockin' me to my core
My shorthand can't keep up with all the good stuff he's preaching
My sermon notebook full of notes and important doodles... such good stuff here!

Family time... can there ever be enough of it?

These plans continue to unfold

My daughter- the wordsmith

Linking up with Ann's Multitude Monday today... right here.


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