Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sew Fun!

I don't sew.
But I am blessed, seriously blessed, with a daughter who loves to sew.

And on top of that, we're blessed with some great ladies who sew and who have taken the time to teach Ms. Books such wonderfulness.
It all started with my Mama teaching her some simple hand sewing when she was twelve. She picked that up right away and my mama gave her a couple of basic lessons on the sewing machine.
She then whipped out special pillowcases for her siblings for Christmas.
She followed that up with a lovely red corduroy Christmas curtain for me for the bathroom.
When she wanted to take her sewing further our wonderful pastor's wife, who is an amazing seamstress, stepped in and gave her hands-on help. She continues to be a big help to Ms. Books and stops over on the fly just to help her through a glitch.
Our dear friend Rache came and visited for two days and helped Ms. Books sew her very first quilt.
Which Ms. Books then followed up with a supposedly easy quilted table runner for me for Christmas. My lovely sister stepped in to help with that one. And there was nothing easy about it. I have to say though, that the quilted runner means more to me with the little puckers and such because it is a reminder of her perseverance and determination. She's gotten more skilled and will continue to do so, I'm sure. But I believe I'll treasure my slightly off-kilter runner the most....

The girl sewed my amazingly lovely kitchen curtains in my new kitchen. I love them. Lots.

She's made lovely gifts... and even drawstring bags to put the gifts in.
She sewed me another much more simpler table runner for our special back-to-school dinner. She designed the simple runner herself from my vision for it.

In January, she made me thee most adorable clothes pin apron. She entered the apron in our denomination's teen talents competition and received an superior rating... she'll be taking it to the regional competition later this spring.

And just last week she whipped up the cutest, modest skirts for her and her sister.
She made Sassafras's skirt as a birthday present. Sass loves it.

My sister helped her through the rough spots... this being her first ever clothing sewing project and all that.
Both of the girls were pretty geeked about wearing their new skirts to church on Sunday.
I love how this looks with leggings!

She used this tutorial right here.

Someone asked me if I was counting this as school and my response was a resounding YES!
I'm currently trying to figure out how to create a grading system and how to log her work... I've got some ideas but it's still all percolating....
The Girl loves that something she enjoys pursuing in her spare time can count as school.
So do I.


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