Monday, February 4, 2013

Moving Past 2000: How my heart continues to sing

I have now surpassed 2000 thankfuls. My gratitude has grown so much in this journey.
So much so that I find I cannot stop counting.
I love the counting. My days are brighter, fuller and more blessed because my eyes see differently....
I see the blessings in the midst of the ordinary, everyday, crazy chaos of my life.
I've said it before and I must say it again:
I am overwhelmingly beyond blessed.

Continuing the Tally: #2001-2020
Chicken plans
Fun frugal decorating... Happy hearts!
Family time... board games, card games... more games
My Beautiful marriage
and Milk... together. With my Oreo Purist, The Boy.
Beginning something new- Monday Late Starts in our homeschool
Specific prayers prayed daily for my children
Fun Valentinesy day plans
and special she'sgonnabethirteen plans
Finding knock-off thin mints at the grocery store... almost as good. Almost.
Mustache-y plans for when he turns 9
So very much for us to be celebrating around these parts!
My heart singing a brand new song- His song, every morning.... I love waking up with a song or a scripture pouring from my head and heart
Hilarious phone calls from my 2 yr old neice Ree
Scraps of felt becoming flowers... ah, the gift of using up.
Continued vigilance in reducing our food waste
Creating our own kind of hilarious happy
The hope I daily find in His Word

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