Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Word for all of Twenty Thirteen

I have seriously wanted to share my word of the year but have been unable to squeeze out some time to write out all that goes along with me choosing this word...
Or more aptly put-- how this word chose me.

But I haven't got the time and here we are half way through January and I haven't shared.
So I'm going to just go and get ahead of myself and share

Word of the Year 2013
As in- 
Always Hope
Wild Hope
Inexhaustible Hope

Just a quick jot- God has shown me that while I always hope for the best, I automatically plan for the worst. He wants to me to HOPE, to plan, to dream for His Best and cast aside those worst case scenario thoughts this year.
We've got some crazy plans this year that I've been very concerned aren't going to work out right or even close to okay.... 
So I'm working daily to cast aside doubts and fears and HOPE.
And that HOPE is leading me to some serious, specific praying.
Which gives me goosebumpy chills of excitement.


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