Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just in case you were ever interested- a peek into our day

I've decided to be a little crazy.... a little out there...
and share a Homeschool Day in the Life post with you all.

While we have a routine, there is no really one typical day for us. Something is always happening around here. And when I think on it- that's the way I like it.
We live a crazy life.
A crazy good, God-filled life.

Way back in the day, on my previous blog, I did these types of posts twice a year- once in the mid-fall and once mid-spring... and then I moved here. And while I had the intention, I just didn't follow through.
So, I'm figuring that if I make a really cool header and put it right out here on the blog...
Well, then.... I gotta do it.

And then I saw this post on Simple Homeschool and thought- Now's as good a time as any.
I picked Thursday... as in this Thursday, as my day to post about. Not because it's a special day or any sort of thing but because it's not today.
As today is a bit too soon- as in I just made my mind up to do this and we already started our day and it didn't start stellar and I am so not writing about that right now because it's not really encouraging now is it?

So later on Thursday afternoon, I'll be here posting. And I promise- pinky promise, that if Thursday doesn't start out stellar, I won't postpone- I'll man up and share it all.


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