Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Hearts sprouting up

Found a bit of time today to squeak out a project...
Got the idea from this photo on Pinterest.

I would have loved to used red felt.
But i couldn't find mine after a few minutes of looking

and I knew if I spent more time, digging deeper and looking
I'd get distracted and not finish what I started.
Which seems to  be the state of my life of late.

So I stopped looking.
And printed out some red hearts right off the computer.

This right here was a freebie project.
Which I heart mightily.

I added Epsom Salt and tea lights to mine.
Which is from this idea right here.

And used lovely red stripey bakers twine instead of yarn.
And heart-shaped doilies instead of round...
as that was what was on hand.
and free.

I went a bit overboard on twining the twine.
But I like it.

All in all- with gathering time,
I spent less than 20 minutes on this project.

Yay me.

linking to Works for Me Wednesday at We Are That Family


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