Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gettin' Our Party On...

This post right here has become one of the most popular posts on the blog....
It is such a super easy, amazingly lovely way to decorate a cake.

We made another banner, in the same manner (oooh, rhyme!) for Ms. Books' Sweet 16.
Here's a looky-lou:

It is family tradition around these parts for the Mama to bake the cake
and the Daddy to decorate the cake.
Over the years, Mr. Steady has made his fair share of crazy cakes... ducks in a bathtub, a red barn, a dump truck, a strawberry, a ladybug, wilderness explorer, sherriff's badge, etc.
Now that our girls are older their cakes reflect that.... the banner design is a great way to add a little umph and height to it.

This right here is a sour cream chocolate cake with a cream cheese icing. You can't see it real well, but there are lavender and turquoise sugar sprinkles on the cake.
The cake stand is a homemade deal too.... a lovely silver tray on top of a glass candle stick (picked up for under $1 at Goodwill)- held together with that poster putty stuff.

A wonderfully talented friend of mine made cutie-patootie cuppity cakes to go with the cake:

The two-layer cupcake liners were a wonderful Pick Your Plum purchase in anticipation of this very special birthday. The paper mache One and Six were purchased at Hobby Lobby ($5 for both) and color coordinating ribbons were tied around them for added pizzaz. I was going to paint them turquoise but I ran out of time.... aka story of my life- long on ideas, short on time.

It was my intention to take loads of beautiful pictures of all the party decorations and the set up but I was distracted... celebrating her sweet sixteen and visiting with friends and all that.
I do so want to share as I'm pretty tickled at how lovely it turned out... and because we were able to put it on quite frugally.
I did pull a lot ideas from my Sweet 16 Pinterest board. Another justification of my Pinterest obsession (*wink, wink*).
So much so that I have created a Thirteen! board for Sassafras. Bonus: Her birthday colors are turquoise, teal, aqua, lime.... so I'm able to reuse those colored decorations from the Sweet Sixteen for her party. Yay!
And while we're talkin' about parties... the boy turns 9 only eight days after Sass. His party?
Coming from this right here.


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