Monday, January 21, 2013

Cycle of Happy and overwhelmed blessings

I am most grateful.
Each one of these matter, each one of them count.

Continuing the tally- #1976-2000
Enough snow for a snowball fight
God's continued provision.... budget tweaks.
The encouraging words Mr. Steady writes on the bottom of The Boy's math lessons each morning before he heads off to work
One Word- Hope
Ms. Books' sewing project spread out on the dining table... she's making it for this mama right here
Being woken up by the Lord with a call to prayer
And Him easing me back into restful slumber
The blessing of grocery shopping with my children- three of the bestest grocery packers ever! [I don't go to Aldi without these kiddos as they unload and pack me up in an assembly line system orchestrated by Ms. Books that's fast, smooth and efficient and nothing gets squished]
Homemade yogurt
Realization- no 2nd rate job I hold here
Using washi tape instead of regular ol' scotch tape in my notebook- Smile Inducing!
This home we've created here- us all together
Laughing so hard you fall out of your chair
Ms. Books asking me what I admire about Mr. Steady
Which leads to thinking all the day long of all the things I admire about that man
Twenty-two years together- almost 19 of those in marriage.... I have been with him longer than I have been without him... this is good stuff we got here.
Teaching my daughter through her questions of the importance of daily working at your marriage- of choosing to daily love your spouse and how we show that love
Which becomes another constant reminder in my day to consciously look for ways to bless my husband and show love
So I bake him a cake... a just because you make my happy cake
Which makes him happy
Happy, Happy, Happy

and I continue to be grateful for...

Tough love and standing firm in doling out logical consequences for offenses
Saying no to another addition to my schedule and refusing to feel guilty for it
Family movie nite- us all snuggled together in heaps and piles and blankets and me patchworking on an old blanket while it rests warm on my lap... me looking at all of this that surrounds me and finding myself choked up at how overwhelmingly I am blessed

#2000--  Being overwhelmed by these daily blessings


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