Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy good plans in the making

We are in the midst of making some crazy plans.
Plans that have gotten me pretty excited.
We're gonna get chickens.
It's moving from the "I have an idea" phase to the planning phase.
We've talked my parents into going in with us as we'll have to be housing our egg production at their spread.... because we live in a little village that says having anything besides a dog or a cat is a no-no.

We're making coop plans right now...
The Mister and I like these plans right here:

 We've also decided on the proper division of labor: He'll build it and I'll make it pretty.
I'm planning on painting it white with green shutters and a green door... unless I find something old, chippy and fun... because I love the looks of this door right here- which is on an actual, really real chicken coop:

We already have some old windows here at home that might work for the project, as well as some reclaimed lumber my man has been hording.
And we like the roof idea from this coop- a type of corrugated clear plastic roofing panel.

Besides the painting of it... I've got me some great ideas for the prettying upperness-like this- a banner made out of oil cloth.

And large, painted wood letters that spell out E G G S. Something like this but bigger:

I've started a board on Pinterest for all this planning- Farm: Here Chick, Chick.
I'm pretty geeked about it.

Mr. Steady and I found this particular blog post very insightful.
I like the idea of the manure scooping rake and it's storage, plus we like the idea of the feed storage in the galvanized bins [pictured under the nesting boxes]. We'd like to have a storage area for chicken necessities right there handy inside the coop.

Free range or chicken run? Hmmm. We're discussing chicken runs. I'd like something tall enough that we could stand up in. We're not really thinking free range at this point.

What kinds of birds are we looking at? These.


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