Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Great Links for studying The Revolutionary War

The boy is deep into his studies of the Revolutionary War right now... it fascinates him. I like to add some interactive snippets to his week to get some online learning in. Thanks to Pinterest, I've amassed a treasure trove of goodness on my homeschool board and I thought I'd share some the best stuff right here.

Follow the above link and click on "Launch Tour The Town." Your student can click away and experience a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg with great little factoids and more. If your family is planning a trip to Williamsburg this would be a great way for your children to plot out the places they would like to visit and help them develop some map reading skills.

This video is entitled, "The American Revolution in 5 breathtaking minutes!"  A nice supplemental piece for the kids to watch along with their study of the Revolution. The use of artwork and movie clips combined with the music from Pirates of the Caribbean held my kiddos attention the entire time.

This is another great interactive game from Colonial Williamsburg's website- Students learn about the clothing a colonist wore, what it was made of, used for and the order in which it was put on... they can then play a game

A Great little video (under 2 minutes) about George Washington (note this video is a teaser of the first two minutes of a longer video from Getting To Know, Inc.)

This link is to a wonderful website called George Washington's World. You will need to download Unity Player for this site.... do it. It's worth it. Lots of fun. My boy loved the game Bombarding Yorktown.

Our family loves to have themed dinners that go along with our studies, the following links are great sources of information and recipes to help plan your own Revolutionary meal. The links aren't pinned as there isn't anything pinnable on them (boo hoo).
 Food of the Revolutionary War
Colonial Recipes
What food was like during the Revolutionary War
This one is from the Smithsonian- The Food that Fueled the American Revolution


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