Monday, December 31, 2012

What we have is Enough- Looking Back on 2012 in Posts

Another year winds down and ticks away bringing about much reflection.
I steal a bit of time to go through this year's archives and am again reminded of what an incredibly blessed year it has been.

Here are the most popular A Contented, Common Life posts of Twenty Twelve:
January: Tutorial: Journal Making with Old Book Covers
February: Sweet Laundry Loveliness: Towels
March: Tute Sweet: Create a Cake Banner
April: Homemade Recipe: Ant Killer
May: Blah to Beautiful! {Our Kitchen Make-over}
June: Cure for Campfire Hair
July: Chocolate Yogurt Cake- 3 ingredients! {Recipe}
August: Living Uncomfortably
September: When life trips you up
October: Road to Somewhere {Guest Post from Ms. Books}
November: Thankful Week Menu
December: Three Days Until...

Hmmm.... that's a pretty eclectic grouping of posts right there. Two tutorials, two how-to's, two recipes, A wrap up post of our kitchen make-over, three heart-felt, pouringmyselfout, wrung-out posts, a fun menu post of yummy food and a beautifully photographed guest post by Ms. Books.
What a snapshot of this year!

And because they aren't mentioned above and I've been reminscing through twenty twelve's posts.... I'm also sharing some of my very personal favorites of this year....
Good Girl says Behaving Overrated
Grateful for this present hardness
Hard Homeschooling Days
The Reminder that I Matter
Two Girls Baking {a bar cookie recipe concocted by my girls}
Today I am grateful for my husband
The Yellow House Bathroom {another remodeling project}
Its Time: Everything Beautiful
Jesus in my Wednesday
Seeing to it
Immense Stockpiles, Crazy Chaos & Hope
In the quiet, prayers and singing. He reigns.

Oh, wow. It is quite obvious to me that God continually blesses me with an amazing, abundant, yet ohsoverywonderfully ordinary, everyday life. This year was not without its heartaches, pains and trials but all that pales in comparison with the overflowing blessings God rains down on me and mine daily. I am thankful that He continues to open my eyes to all the blessed goodness He provides for us daily. I am thankful for His nudging and pushing me into continued uncomfortableness. I just sit here humbled by the journal beside me that continues to tally my grateful heart no matter my circumstances. I pray that will always be so.
May He always find me faithful.

Dear Readers, 
Thank you for following me as I journal about my life. Thank you for your kind words in the comments, for pinning me on Pinterest and for popping in to see what happens next. I pray you too find yourself humbled by your thankfuls as you close out this year and eagerly anticipating all that God has in store for 2013.

Happy New Year one and all


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