Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tutorial: Washi Tape Light Switch Make Over

Yes, we finished our kitchen remodel months ago but there were a couple odds and ends I forgot to consider in the midst of the project... like a light switch cover. This lighthouse switch cover matched the kitchen before the remodel and is a very nice heavy duty expensive light switch cover. I forgot to buy a new one to replace it and so when it came time for Mr. Steady to finish the walls- the bead board and trim, being the man that he is... he just put the old lighthouse light switch cover back up.
Even though it no longer matched my kitchen.
At all.
And so it was forgotten for months and months.
I'd think of it every once and awhile when I'd flip the switch but that's all it was- a fleeting thought.

Until last week.
When I was listening to Mr. Conductor read to me and had washi tape in my hand from another project. I turned my head and spied that switch and I knew what needed to be done.

Washi Tape Light Switch Make Over
Materials Needed:
Washi tape in coordinating colors
White electrical tape
Unloved light switch cover

The picture on the cover was dark enough that I knew it would show through the washi tape, so I combated this by applying white electrical tape to the entire cover (you could sub in white duct tape for this too). I used the electrical tape because it was what I had on hand. I suppose you could spray paint the cover too, but I was going for immediate gratification. *wink*
Mr. Conductor remarked that it looked like I was making a light switch mummy. Hmmm. I can see that.

After you have covered the entire light switch cover with your white tape, begin layering on your washi tape. I decided on a dual color striped pattern but you could do a monochromatic pattern or a crazy quilt style with many different tapes. I picked two colors that are used extensively in my kitchen, a cool blue and green.  

Using the two colors worked well with overlapping the "lines" of the electrical tape. I made sure to tuck in the edges and smooth it out as I went along. I used an exact-o knife to cut an "X" where the toggle switch will go and folded the flaps of washi tape to the back of the cover.

This is a lovely, quick fix or great pick-me-up for drab light switch (as well as plug-in) covers. This could be a temporary fix but in all probability, I'm going to leave it just like this. I have an interesting gold painted cover in my bedroom that is now screaming at me for similar treatment. I love that this project was so quickly thrown together and used materials I already had on hand. I love that I beautified another little spot in my kitchen without much effort and no cost.
I especially love the no cost part.

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